My Father's war record

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    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    That's quite cheap. I think I paid about the same from a charity shop on line. Oxfam springs to mind. The above book looks to be mint.
    Gavsmum / Lindsey in time I would take up the opportunity to go on a tour with Frank. I'll be on the tour to Cassino 8-11 Jun 17.
    A large party of us went out to Anzio last February 16. His oratory of knowledge is worth seeing.
    Just to add, he is proper guide who counts all on the coach. A lot of paper work done behind the scene
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    I'm sure it would be very good but we are on holiday for those dates. Also we have two tickets for the Passchendaele centenary at the end of July as my great uncle was killed there.
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    Most kind of Stu to recommend me. I have other dates in the year if you are interested. I am out there about 14 times a year and have been guiding for 12 years.

    Once you have seen the ground, especially at the Castle, you will quickly appreciate why he decided that being an infanteer was not for him. He was not alone largely because they saw and experienced utter horror.


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    Thanks for that Frank. I am writing notes at the moment from the pages of the book that I photographed so, along with his records and what I learned on your site, I can get it all put together.

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