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    First of all thank you for this amazing site, I have been looking through it for most of day. I have my father's service records and he entered theatre of ops on 23/04/1943 and transferred to the Queen's Own Royal West Kent regt and posted to the 6th bn. Although it didn't say in his records, I'm almost certain he went to North Africa to start with and he did have the Africa Star. Then he went to Sicily, landed in Termoli, through to Trigno and then on to Songro and finally to Cosmo.

    After that he transferred to HQ No1 Adv. Base Workshops REME on 9 June, 1944 but there is no indication of where he went but I know he spent some time in Rome. I don't know if it was when he was with the RWK or the REME.

    Dad spoke very little about the war and unfortunately I wasn't interested enough before he died to ask which I very much regret.

    If anyone could enlarge on this information especially when he was in the REME, that would be fantastic.

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    Hello Lindsey.

    It's quite possible that if he was with REME later, he may well have been REME when he was with the RWK. Almost all units, whether teeth or tail, would have had some REME tradesmen attached to them to maintain vehicles, equipment and weapons.

    If you can, and are happy to, it would be worthwhile posting a copy of his records to see what else they can tell us.
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    Thank you for your reply. I have attached my Dad's Service records (the sheets that matter) for you to look at. Thanks very much for this.

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    If he was in 6 RWK, he would have been at Cassino as part of 78 Infantry Division from Mar-May 44.


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    Hi Frank

    Many thanks for that information.

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    contact Lee , PsyWar.Org or Andy, Drew5233 . Click on their user names to go to their profile & send them a message
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    It's WO 170/1421 for 6 RWK Regiment. It's a massive file with over 800 pages.
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    In that case I won't ask for that to be copied. Thanks for the information.

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    Thanks very much for the link. It's expensive but I will have a think about that.
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    Had a quick look at the records you posted but as there are quite a few it'd be easier if you asked which bits you had problems understanding rather then us going through the whole lot.
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    Keep an eye on the 'market place' offers.
    I picked up a brand new copy for £5 plus postage a little while back.

    In general though unit histories are expensive--even reprints.
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    Thanks for your reply. I don't have any problems understanding it, I just wanted some further information about the places he went through to get to Monte Cassino and where he went when transferring to REME.
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    Looks like your father started out as a RWK but transferred across to REME in Jun 44. He was definitely not a REME craftsman attached to 6 RWK. The very first attachment explains that he 'cracked up' whilst with 6 RWK. Nothing to be ashamed off and this was very common - being an infanteer was particularly unpleasant.


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    As a skilled silk stocking maker, I am not sure what he was ever doing in the infantry.

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    Section Reads:

    Rehab 5 weeks
    Trained rifleman / 2" mortar
    Landed North Africa April 42
    In action 2 weeks. Felt OK though shelled.
    Next in Sicily. Felt OK throughout campaign.
    In action Temoli landing - mighty shaky.
    Through to T?????
    Walked into German tanks during battalion attack. Lost battalion for two days but caught them up eventually. Then to Sangro - did patrol work. Attacked by German sentry. Very shaky. Then to Cassino for a fortnight. During attack company walked passed Germans who opened up from behind. Got back to company. Was counterattacked by Germans who reached company lines (?). Spent five days under heavy shelling. Officer asked for volunteers to get in(?) dead. Could not do it. Came out of line - saw Medical Officer on officer’s orders. Sent back to lines (?) Next time in line was sent on 48hrs rest. Cracked up when it was time to go back. Medical Officer at rest camp sent him to hospital. Evacuated 2 General Hospital treated 2 days.
    Skilled silk stocking maker and wants to return after the war.
    Went Field School ????? [place name?]
    Uses lathe and drill and can set them.
    As a hobby built chicken sheds
    ????? OK
    Hobby - pigeon keeping/breeding


    Plenty of early warning signs, but the final officer's referral was too late.
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    You might want to try and get a copy via your local library. There is a national "inter library loan scheme" that I've used in the past - only costs £1.

    Steve Y

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