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  1. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    Has anyone got a definitive answer to why some of the men murdered, including Major Lisle Ryder have a date of death which is given as being between 27 May and 2 October 1940? I never got a reply from the CWGC when I enquired.
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  3. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    Thanks Di. I'm assuming then that 2 October is the date 'reported missing in action' was changed to 'reported killed in action'. Taking a look online I found a couple newspaper notices from December 1940 reporting the fact.

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    Hi Jonathan,
    Brian Sims/ADM199 explained it to me when I was starting off with my own research.
    It's date reliably last seen alive to the date a body was discovered (which was subsequently verified to be the missing individual in question).
    IIRC some ranges can stretch over months whereas others, like a relative of my husband span only two days (according to family story, her remains only required a shoe-box sized receptacle, so some detective work was required before identity verified).

    Casualty Branch were both very meticulous and cautious in the handling of information. They would only change casualty status if conditions met strict criteria. (Volunteer agencies who acted on behalf of relatives had been criticised eg for raising hopes based on flimsy / unsubstantiated 'evidence'; often frustrating Cas. Branch's efforts to supply relatives only with accurate information.)

    General procedure for dealing with Casualties in War, 1939

    Casualty: 'Cat C' ...
    Casualty: 'Cat C' ...
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