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    I am a new member. My father, who was in LSR B company, was injured Oct 25 1944. I was wondering if you have the war diaries for the remainder of October 1944? September would be great as well. Thanks.
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    I have sent you a message with a link to download the war diaries.
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    I am wondering if anyone may have the LSR war diaries covering September to November 1944. I am part of a project that is digitizing the entire war diary collection and mapping the units of First Canadian Army. We have the majority of the units mapped out but are missing these 3 critical months from the LSR's. If we can get these 3 months, we can finish mapping the unit.

    You can check out our web map at
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  5. Tom W

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    They are already posted in this thread by dryan67 to me on Nov 22 2019.
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    Thanks Tom, but I only see October. dryan67 has PM'd me to send the others.
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    Hello - I just found this group and noted that you had war diaries for April to May - my Grandfather Lieutenant Leslie S Linn was wounded on April 13th - just looking to see if you could send me the diaries for April for LSR ?
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    Hi Dryan67 - new to this group and noted that you had war diaries for LSR - looking for March and April 1945 - my Grandfather Lieutenant Leslie S Linn was wounded in action on April 13th - a friend of mine lost her Grandfather Private George Felix Couture on March 2, 1945 anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated
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    You will find these Diaries HERE at the Library and Archives Canada.

    - George died on 02 March 1945 during an attack on the Hochwald Gap. Intresting read in the Wardiary about the operation CHURCHILL. After reading this part of the WD you will understand how horrible this small gap was for the Canadians.

    - Leslie was wounded during the last days of the war, still a lot of resistance because the German soldiers were fighting now for their country. Near Friesoythe the unit came under heavy mortar fire, lots of cassualties.

    We Will Remember Them
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    Thanks for this !! My Grandfather never spoke to me about the War - this brings it to life - comparing the documentation I have from his personal affects (includuing his dog tags and the telegram advising my Grandmother of his injuries in April 13th 1945) to what you have linked me to is invaluable - thanks again !!!
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    No thanks it is a honour for me to help family of the soldiers who fought for freedom.
    The Hochwald is in my backyard. You will find good information about the Hochwald Gap here on WW2Talk, or just ask / post your questions.
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    Mike I have a digital copy of the Regt History of the Lake Superiors.

    If you wish I could send it you. Just PM me your email address.
  13. Thank you so much for posting the link to the diaries!! I have a question regarding my great uncle. Pte. J.E. Jasper was posted to the LSR on 28 April 1945. I've read through the diaries from January 1945 to Dec 1945 and can find no mention of him. I believe it's the May or June diary that shows the soldiers who were part of the regiment at this time. I have his discharge papers that state he was with the LSR but can find no mention of him. Is there another way to find him when he was with the regiment?
    I have read through other war diaries and found when men were taken on strength, these diaries show nothing like that. Is there another source?
    Thank you for your time!
  14. klambie

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    'War Diary' is a broad term. It can specifically refer to the daily narrative that you have reviewed (and where non-officers are rarely mentioned), but there are also other supplementary documents that were bundled with them for preservation as the War Diary in the Archives. That often includes what are referred to as Battalion Orders Part I, published regularly and including lists of men joining/leaving the unit, promotions,etc. Typically they would just confirm his joining on 28 Apr, but some units would record details on the Company men were posted to, etc.

    Until they are scanned/microfilmed by the Archives, you options are viewing them on site in Ottawa or seeing if there is another copy preserved elsewhere. I've had some luck with Provincial Archives or the unit itself for those.
  15. Kevin,
    I did got back and search through the diaries for April and May, one more time. I found a note in April that said there was no Part 1 orders for April. Nothing in May. Would there possibly be another source that lists everyone who served with the regiment?
  16. klambie

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  17. Thank you Kevin, I'll look into seeing if I can access them. I live in Saskatchewan so I can't visit the museum.

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