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  1. Tom W

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    I am a new member. My father, who was in LSR B company, was injured Oct 25 1944. I was wondering if you have the war diaries for the remainder of October 1944? September would be great as well. Thanks.
  2. Tom W

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    I have sent you a message with a link to download the war diaries.
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    I am wondering if anyone may have the LSR war diaries covering September to November 1944. I am part of a project that is digitizing the entire war diary collection and mapping the units of First Canadian Army. We have the majority of the units mapped out but are missing these 3 critical months from the LSR's. If we can get these 3 months, we can finish mapping the unit.

    You can check out our web map at
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  5. Tom W

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    They are already posted in this thread by dryan67 to me on Nov 22 2019.
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    Thanks Tom, but I only see October. dryan67 has PM'd me to send the others.

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