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  1. Does anyone know if the war diaries of the LSR have been posted anywhere? I'm looking for the diaries for WW2, just from April 1945 when my great Uncle joined them. He wasn't with them for the majority of the war and I can't seem to locate any information on him.
    Thank you!
  2. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    Not that I'm aware of. It's a great shame that the infantry regimental war diaries have not been digitized and put up online.

    I say this a fair bit and I have to confess I don't always remember to follow through: I will try to photograph April 1945 for you (or April and May?) the next time I am at Library and Archives Canada. I've made a note in my list of boxes to look at and we'll see if I have time. Would be in the next month or two.
  3. stolpi

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    Lynne - I have the pertinent chapters of the Regimental History of the Lake Superiors (Chapter XX, One more River to Cross, March - May 1945 & Chapter XXI, The Long road Home May 1945 - June 1946 ).

    I could forward it to you if you PM me your email address.
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    Stolpi - you may need to PM Lynne as I think a new member cannot send PM's until they have posted a certain number of posts - i.e. if they make a few posts they are likely to be sticking around, otherwise they could be just 1 post wonders

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  5. stolpi

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    TD - will do
  6. dryan67

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    I have the war diaries for the Lake Superior Regiment for April and May 1945. I will start a conversation with you regarding getting these to you.
  7. Thanks Chris!
    Anything you could offer would be much appreciated! His name was Johnny Jasper and he spoke very little of his time overseas.
    Thank you!
  8. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    Hi Lynne,

    Did you get the April/May records from dryan67?

  9. dryan67

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    I did get in touch with Lynne and sent her the war diaries for April and May. Thanks for your concern.

  10. Chris C

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    Great, thanks David. :)
  11. Thanks so much everyone! I was finally able to pin down where my family member was when he joined the regiment in April of 1945.
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  12. dryan67

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    You're welcome. I am glad that I could help.
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    When visiting the Canadian cementery in Bergen op Zoom (Holland) was piqued my intererst by the tomb of Raymond Vermeersch (also my name).

    Despite much searching, I have to date not managed the Diary for The Lake Superior Regiment (motor) of approximately 19-22 October 1944.

    My question to you is ; do you know where I can Find this somewhere online or get hold ?

    Your help would be very appreciated by me.

    W Vermeersch , Holland.
  14. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    Well, dryan67 may be able to help you; otherwise they seem to be at Library and Archives Canada.

    (RG24-C-3. Volume/box number: 15098. File number: 942)
  15. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    Here is the war diary of the Lake Superior Regiment for the dates required:
    DSCF5373.jpg DSCF5374.jpg DSCF5375.jpg DSCF5376.jpg DSCF5377.jpg DSCF5373.jpg DSCF5374.jpg DSCF5375.jpg DSCF5376.jpg DSCF5377.jpg
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  16. WStuart

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  17. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    Here in Connecticut it was sunny, humid and 90 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. Today is rainy and 50 degrees. A forty degree change in temperature in one day! You are welcome. I hope it is of some use.

  18. Mike H1

    Mike H1 New Member

    Hello all, I'm new to the WW2 Talk forum, and I'm looking for assistance concerning the Lake Sups war diary entries as they relate to a soldier named Milton Mowbray SHAW, who was from my hometown of Chatham, ON. I'm doing a presentation on this decorated soldier for my local genealogical society next Friday, Nov 8th, and I'm looking for any details about his service that I'm not aware of yet, but that might enhance the presentation.

    M.M. SHAW joined the regiment as a reinforcement, sometime after the regiment crossed into Belgium in early September. He was a Cpl at the time, having served as an instructor at Borden and Ipperwash before being sent overseas in July 1944. By the end of the war, he held the rank of Sergeant or A/Sgt. As best as I can determine, he was assigned to "B" Company's scout platoon for all or most of his time in the regiment.

    On the night of 9-10 March 1945, A/Sgt SHAW was leading B Company scout platoon, and for his actions in the fighting near Winnenthal, he was awarded the Military Medal. I have the recommendation form that was submitted for consideration to award A/Sgt SHAW the medal.

    I also know Cpl SHAW was present at the naval engagement in Zipje Harbour that resulted in the sinking by the Lake Sups and the BCR of the 4 German surface vessels.

    I only have access to those war diary entries that are publicly available from Jul and Aug 1944, and now the October entries in this thread.

    I'd be very grateful if anyone who has access to the rest of the Lake Sups war diary could let me know if there is anything in the diary relating to A/Sgt SHAW.
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  19. stolpi

    stolpi Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike - I did sent you a PM
  20. Mike H1

    Mike H1 New Member

    Thank you!

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