Howitzers in Anti tank role

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  1. for clarityy, 155mm Long Tom is in fact a gun, not a howitzer

    Just for clarity, the US Army used the 155mm Howitzer M1 (155/23) (later M114) as a medium howitzer in division artillery and in seperate battalions.

    The US Army used the 155mm Gun M1 "Long Tom" (155/45)(later M59) as corps artillery
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    Due to the masses of tanks on the eastern front, the 10.5-cm leFH 18 in particular was inevitably used more than often in anti-tank defense. In the beginning, (very rare) bunker busters were used. Later, special projectiles were issued:
    Pzgr. Aphe.jpeg Pzgr. Rot Apcbc.jpeg Gr. 39 Rot Hl-B Heat.jpeg 10,5 - 7,5 cm Pzgr. 39 TS ApcbcDS.jpeg
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    With regard to indirect Artillery fire, a tanks weakest spot was on top where the armour thinnest.
    A 25 pounder or Medium Gun shell hitting this area would often penetrate it,

    Medjez, Tunisia 1943
    266 (25 pounder) battery.
    All batteries moved forward and derived some satisfaction to find in the tank laager olive grove, several enemy tracked and armoured vehicles obviously destroyed by artillery fire.

    Field Regiments were backed up by AGRA (Army Group Royal Artillery) which provided support from an assortment of guns.
    A Field Regiment FOO (Forward Observation Officer) could call for fire from a number of sources.

    Florence 1944
    Saturday 2nd September the Gordons sent out a large fighting patrol towards Prato.
    They came under very heavy fire but being out of range of their guns the FOO’s from 266 Battery called in fire from a battery of American Long Toms and C Troop of the London Transport Board Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment at Galluzzo. *The infantry had never seen the effect of Airburst used as Artillery and were very impressed *

    Senio Valley October 1944
    Medium Gun.jpg

    * A surprising statement when the infantry (6th Gordons) had been in the BEF along with 266 Bty and frequently shelled by German Airburst.
    (Had they lost so many at Anzio that these were all new men).
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