How much higher can youngsters get?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Drew5233, Nov 21, 2009.

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    My grandson Josh never fails to impress/amuse me in equal doses :)

    Back in November 2012 he & his Warwick Uni friends grew moustaches to raise money for a Cancer awareness charity called MOVEMBER and his video shows the tash growing, literally day by day
    I Will Survive - Movember '12 Edition - YouTube

    Not a lot wrong with the youth of today !

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    NYU super-student invents instant blood-clotting gel | Mail Online

    NYU student, Joe Landolina, 20, has invented a revolutionary blood-clotting gel that could save soldiers in the field

    Still only a junior at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU, the brainy student developed the science in 2010 and along with fellow student Isaac Miller, formed a company around the product, then called Medi-Gel, in 2012 as a bid to enter a business competition.
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    NYU super-student invents instant blood-clotting gel | Mail Online

    On the subject of bleeding and Interestingly (I think) the ambulance service I work for is now using equipment used by British soldiers in Afghanistan one of which is a bandage used for catastrophic bleeding that is made partly from finely crushed sea shells.
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    A few years ago when my dear Mum was alive and I was visiting her I drove both her and my sister to Durham to visit a very large Garden Complex made up of various Foreign designs.

    After a good 2 hours walk about viewing the scenery and a quick cuppa I set off back up the A1 to take them home to Newcastle.

    I made an off-hand commnet such as "I wonder what you two would be doing if I hadn't of joined up" they both chorused "going back home after visiting you".

    It did take a few seconds before the penny dropped, but sadly it was true, I was becoming more "anti" as I became a teenager.

    There are good and bad out there, unfortunately I have to agree that generally it's the bad that gets the news.

    Regards, Mick D.
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    I recently had the benefit of that media-gel of the NYU student - being on a really effective blood thinner - managed to cut myself and bled profusely and after some time realised that it was not about to cease so called the para medics- who tried for half an hour and finally hauled me off to the General Hospital's ER - which - as always was packed
    but as I was bleeding to death - I was first in the line up.

    The Doctor took one look and said that if he tried to put stitches in there - this would only add more holes for the blood to escape - so he laid four coats of what he called "superglue'' on the wound and the blood ceased flowing immediately to my immense relief.
    So many thanks to that NYU young man
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    BBC News - The Editors: Is the 'teen rebel' a dying breed?
    Is the 'teen rebel' a dying breed?

    A new series offers some of the BBC's most senior journalists the chance to discuss some of the burning issues of the day.
    The BBC's Home Editor, Mark Easton, was a teenager during the punk rock era and he reflects on whether today's youth has lost some of the rebelliousness of that time.
    He goes back to Winchester, Hampshire, where he grew up, to find out if young people are more apathetic, more contented or simply different
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    Continuing my "not a lot wrong with the youth of today" theme I was delighted to receive this pic of one of my grand-daughters finishing a half-marathon last Sunday morning at Richmond Park.

    It was in bitterly cold weather but it looks as if she was enjoying herself :tongue:


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    This teeanger a hit with some WW2 Veterans.

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    Here's a strange one from the Memorial Arboretum's Friendface feed.

    I'm not a great one for outrage - but in this case a brief 'Dagenham Council, give your collective heads a wobble' does initially spring to mind...
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  12. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    The wife and I received a letter from our Natalie's school today, saying that she has won an award for being in the top 20 out of her year for outstanding achievement and there is more than 200 kids.
    We are 10ft tall and are well proud of her, she has put a lot of effort into her exams this year.
    A special treat on the way for Natalie she deserves it.
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    Michael excellent news
    well done to her

  14. Za Rodinu

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    Congrats to Natalie, Michael and the Unnamed Mommy :)

    I hope that trenches job was the push !!!
  15. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Cheers Za , the wife's name is Christine
    And unfortunately Natalie dropped history

    Regards Michael.
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    Yesterday a six year old boy probably saved his grandfathers life by dialling 999 when he found him on the floor at home . When asked how did he know what to do he said he saw it on the TV, 'a boy dialled 999 for his mum'.

    On top of all that he was mad about WW2 and showed me one of his model aircraft, when I asked what it was he told me it was a ME 109. His current favourite subject is the Dambusters and is looking forward to seeing the Lancaster at RAF Waddington this year. I told his dad about the Dambusters museum at Derwent Reservoir so as a treat they'll be taking him there for the day - not bad for a 6 year old I thought :)
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    Wasn't sure under what heading to post this, considered "What makes a ww2 veteran happy" but then considered the thread title above seemed more appropriate :)

    Despite the blistering heat, we made the journey today from London to Warwick University to see our grandson graduate.

    Our Josh simply towers over she who must be obeyed and I, and I thought you might be amused to see us making a fuss of him.


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    What a lovely photo ron, you must both be very proud of him
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    Thanks for that !

    We thought so as well and yes, you could say so :)

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