How much higher can youngsters get?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Drew5233, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Movember time is here again !

    Don't know where he gets his energy from :)

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    My Grandniece has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth and has always had some difficulty with the movement of limbs etc. - so I was thunderstruck to receive information of what she was up to in France this summer….

    and as I am fairly useless in adding stories to the forum I would ask anyone interested to "Google " for SOPHIE HAHN whenever you find a minute or two….

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    That is our determined 16 year old who is now practicing for Rio - which wouldn't surprise me...

  5. Za Rodinu

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    Some are born different, ... and better!
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    Here she is Tom talking about her record breaking victory in the 100m IPC World Athletic Championships in Lyon, France

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    Thank you for bothering to check on how Britain gained two more medals in the disabled sports - Sophie is now practicing for the big one in Rio - and the family will be there to cheer her on

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    Twice a year my son's school hold a fun day for children with disabilities, all the pupils at the school join in and help these children have a wonderful time doing things that they may not otherwise get to do.

    All the pupils of the school have statements of special educational needs, and most if not all have Behavioral, emotional and social difficulties.

    They also make things to sell in support of a charity that helps to fund a school in Uganda.

    I know that my son for one thinks that these children on opposite sides of the world needs their help and he enjoys the fun days (partly because it gets him out of lessons) mostly because he makes other children happy.

    His school teaches children from 10-18yrs old.
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    90% of teenagers are fine, same as it's always been, and always will
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    St John 15:13

    God bless his soul :poppy:
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    Lewis Clarke? He missed a grand expeditionary name by a whisker, perhaps he will forge a new one himself :)
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    Teen tackles Brighton police assault suspect

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    good day drew5233.very senior member,21st much higher can youngsters get?the young man in your clip is truly a hero.i was just reading this old post.he should be 21 now,it would be interesting to know how life has treated him.thank you for posting regards bernard85 :group2:
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    Blimey - £330,000 + collected
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