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    This is from my Great Uncle Frank Hill’s service record, 4th RNF /50th Recce.

    We know that he was captured on or about the 06th June 1942 and I have all the details of the unit’s actions from late May to 06th June 42.

    The card shows that he was transferred to Camp 53 on 20th Nov 1942, and I have the extract from the POW roll (Aug 43) and details about the camp from the internet.

    It also looks like his family received a card written on 11th July 1943 from ‘Working Camp Base 112-1 PM 3100’ – So my question, would I be correct in assuming that 112-1 was a satellite of Campo 53? Does anyone know where it was?

    We also know that he vacated Campo 53 on the capitulation of Italy in September 43 and remained on the loose in Italy for about a year before reaching the allied lines. (No POW interview records survive for Frank). I will never know what he got up to in that year, but any help on 112-1 would be gratefully received.

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  2. Hi
    This is from the Pegasus site with the lists of both main and satellite camps produced by Brian Sims

    Both are main camps

    The satellite camps are under work camps

    PG53 has three reports from inmates


    P.G. 53

    Sforza Costa / Urbisaglia (Macerata)

    P.G. 112

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    That's brilliant, thank you, I had searched on the web but not hard enough, that looks like a cracking web site.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Fred,

    Thank you very much, that is very helpful, I will take a look at the site.

    Regards, Steve

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