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    As part of my other thread to establish my Grand Fathers (89 RE) movements in WW2, I have some photos below of Bridges that he kept. On some is written the name/location but I can not be 100% certain he wrote on the back so would ask for your help to confirm.

    I also thought they may be of general interest.

    What I am trying to achieve is to confirm the locations, any information as to why he may of been there and to tally all info with dates so I can map a time log of movements. I have put most of Nijmegen or what I believe to be at the end.

    Being my first photo post I am not sure how they will appear but this is what I know and is written on the reverse of the photos hopefully in the right order:-

    War12 = News Paper 89th RE, No Location? and I appreciate not much in pic
    War11 = Rees (Rhine)
    War4 = News Paper Nijemegen Bridge general interest!
    War3 = Holland 44 - I assume Nijemegen?
    War2 = Elbeuf France Aug/Sept 44
    War14 = River Orne Normandy
    War15 = River Rhine
    War 16 = Nijmegen Bridge
    War17 = ? I assume Nijmegen
    War20 = Nijemegen
    War19 = Nijemegen
    War18 = Nijemegen
    War23 1-4 = News Paper Ouze - Rhine July 1945
    War13 = Map Blue Pen Mark on the assault arrow by ELST/Nijmegen 25/9/44 is the map of a particular event?

    Do reply or PM me with any or all information you have would be greatfull even if just to confirm one photo!

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Stolpi,

    Thanks for your comments all gratefully received and more than happy for you/anyone to use any photos/documents etc that I put up as I find them if it can help others in anyway.

    I'll be keen to read your Rees Bridgehead thread myself.

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    14 is certainly 'London Bridge' built over the River Orne very shortly after D Day. There is a fair amount of information on this in the 'Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour, Volume I'. I think 'Sapper', a member of this forum, had a hand in building it.

    Nice pictures of the Rhine bridges.

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    Extract taken from 91st Fld Coy War diary Sept 29th 1944 . 12 enemy sailors swim down river with prepared charges,one section completely demolish central pier of railway bridge which is irrepairable(War17 photo)
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    Thanks All for the comments, I will re-summaries where I am soon.

    With regard to the Aerial of Rees War11 I have just seen on the reverse in pencil "March 26 30hrs" I guess 30hrs is how long my GFather has noted it took to build?


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