Helmet type?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by Marco, May 26, 2018.

  1. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Does anyone know which helmet type this soldier is wearing?

  2. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Is it not just a mark 3 'turtle' then?
    (No helmets expert!)
  3. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    From what I see 'Turtle' makes sense ;-)
  4. idler

    idler GeneralList Patron

    I would hope it's a MkIII. It should have the chinstrap rivets about 3" up from the rim if it is. The MkIV has them much nearer the edge.
  5. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    Postwar Mk IV.

    Yet again.

    Whoever dressed the manakin needs a slap for making the reenactor/collectorism of shoving both utility pouches on the front. And like not blancoing the core webbing.

    Then again when the likes of NAM put out post-war kit on display now, who cares for accuracy anymore!

    [Also where was this taken...]
  6. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Thanks Swiper. Taken at Overloon War Museum, Netherlands.
  7. Swiper

    Swiper Resident Sospan

    For some reason museums appear to increasingly care less about accuracy of kit on display.

    NAM was most recent culprit, now Overloon.

  8. Marco

    Marco Senior Member

    Yes, not good. Mind you, they do have some credit with me. Few years back in a fashionably PC move the name was changed from 'War & Resistance museum 'to 'Liberty Park'. It is now back to what it is: a War museum.

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