HE effect of 25-pdr shell to 105-mm and 75-mm HE

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    A thread on another forum included a comment that caught my attention.

    The thread was started by nothing more than a link to an article comparing the US and German artillery arms (not many other armies got a look in). One poster commented on the choice of the US and German armies to go with the 105-mm as their basic light artillery piece. He contrasted this to the 75-mm shell of the majority of other combatants. Re the 25-pdr, he said, and it's best to quote for clarity;

    "But for all of it's virtues, the "bang" of a 25-pdr shell was not much more than most nations' 75mm pieces, due to the particulars of British HE formulations and shell construction".

    Now that's nothing something I've never seen proposed before. So I wondered if any of the RA bods on here could shed some light on the question of whether the 25-pdr shell was less substantially less effective than the 105-mm US and German shell (33-pdr as a straightforward weight comparison I think) and not much improved on a 75-mm or so shell?

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