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  1. DavidW

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    Can anyone place the parent units (Regiments) of the following three Heavy Anti Aircraft batteries in 1940 - 1942; please?




  2. Tricky Dicky

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    WO 166/2514 1940 Nov.- 1941 Apr.

    Cannot find a reference to 37th or 38th

  3. RobG64

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    Hi DavidW, according to J.B.M.Frederick, The Lineage of British Land Forces, 31st to 63rd Heavy AA Batteries were NOT raised in WW2. 233rd Heavy AA Battery served with 75th (Cinque Ports) Heavy AA Regiment, RA. The regiment was involved in the Battle of Britain and covered the Ashford-Kent-Thanet-Dartford area until November 1940 when it moved to cover Sheffield and Derby

    (Thanks to DRyan67 who suggested obtaining Frederick's two volumes)

  4. DavidW

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    Thanks both.

    Kind regards,
  5. HAARA

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    Routledge's 'Anti Aircraft Artillery, 1914-55' has no mention of 37 or 38 Batteries, and his lists are comprehensive, but I wonder whether the reference you have to these could be for Air Defence Brigades, the numbers being apparent there? And just to confuse you further, there is a 37HAA Regt, and also 37 and 38 LAA Regts too! These are all referenced in Routledge.
  6. DavidW

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    I think they are in Farndale as Batteries. But I will re-check & confirm.
  7. DavidW

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    It would appear that I have been a dullard as 2/3 of the answers were in Farndale anyway.

    He places the 37 & 38 Btys in North Africa late 1941 under 125 HAA Reg. Not sure how that fits with "not raised during WWII" though?

    But no trace of 233.

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  8. RobG64

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    Hi again DavidW
    These links to other ww2talk.com threads

    125th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
    13th Light A.A. Regiment R.A

    seem to indicate that 37th & 38th Light AA Batteries were in located in Egypt in the area of the Canal and Alexandria under 2nd AA Brigade from October 1941. Another entry says 125th HAA Regt included 152 HAA Battery, 37 LAA Battery & 155 LAA Battery so 125 HEAVY AA Regt could have included 37 & 38 LIGHT AA Batteries!

  9. DavidW

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    That's now making sense!

    I wonder if 233 Bty is also light in that case?
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