Gun tractor markings, Tunisia and Italy

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    Hi all,

    For a couple of model project, I'd like to get the unit markings right.

    One is for 140th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, fielding Quad-towed 25 pounders in Tunisia. They were part of V Corps (Viking ship emblem), 1st Army (Crusader shield with sword emblem). Do I use all 3 of these emblems on the quads? I have also asked elsewhere - I known 140th in France with BEF was a "10" on the red/blue, with a white bar above. Would they have kept the same for Tunisia?

    The second is for the Scammell R100 tractor, for 75th (Highland) Heavy Division, in Italy (anyone know the Regimental markings?). They were not assigned to a particular Corps, but rather operated in independent support under 6 AGRA (strange Gothic M symbol). Would their vehicles have borne the 6 AGRA markings?

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    Hi S C,

    Disclaimer: I do not know if units within an AGRA were specially marked as such. That said - as far as I know only the emblem of the (permanent) commanding unit of the regiment would be painted on vehicles. (Units could be on temporary loan but that didn't mean they would go and repaint) A unit within a division would only have the division's emblem. The corps emblem would only be used for units within a corps which were not within a division (thus, corps HQ and units directly under corps command). Similarly, the army emblem would only be used for units within an army but not part of a corps. The Arm of Service flash like '10' would then identify the unit.

    Wikipedia says that "140th Field Regiment came directly under the command of First Army when the latter was formed in the summer" of 1942, and if that's correct, it seems like a permanent transfer rather than temporary, so I imagine they would have been considered a First Army unit and thus have been painted with the First Army emblem, and not 5 Corps?

    For 75th (Highland) Heavy Artillery Reg't RA in Italy it would seem like they would have had the army emblem, and you would need to know which army they were in - 5th or 8th? Wikipedia has something about that 6AGRA emblem being from the zodiac but I think this would only have appeared on uniforms(?) or on vehicles for the AGRA HQ.

    The number systems changed several times and I don't think any BEF numbers were still being used after 1940. For an army unit the white bar would be below instead of above. Unfortunately I don't have any info on what the numbers would have been for either regiment you mention.

    If you need to cast your net wider for information I highly recommend the missing-lynx forum. There are quite a lot of very knowledgeable British modelers there. Hope this is somewhat helpful.
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    That's fantastic info, thanks again!
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    So the Tunisia order of battle:
    1st Army (Crusader shield red/white) --> V Corps (Viking ship) --> 1 AGRA (horned sheep skull (Ares) on red) --> 140th Field Rgt RA. I have photos where V corps symbol is on the uniform. But you're saying, the vehicle would have Rgt and AGRA, not Rgt and Army?

    8th Army (yellow cross on blue shield) --> XIII Corps (red gazelle) --> 6 AGRA (Virgo symbol) --> 75th (Highland) Heavy Rgt RA - again, Rgt and... 6 AGRA, not 8th Army?
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    (They were permanently assigned to the AGRAs in both theatres, so from what you have said and what I have read, it should be the AGRA symbol)
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    75th (Highland) Heavy Regiment in Italy had "204" as their AoS number, I just discovered.
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