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    Once again I'm off on a tangent.
    I know of the naval red/yellow flags which were used for semaphore signalling although I have read that these were used at sea but when ashore the flags were white/blue. But what were the RCS flags used for? Since the quote states that originally they were not intended to be used at the same time this would seem to preclude semaphore. If used singly what was the code? The only single flag code I can find is the Wig-wag used in the American Civil War.
    As an aside I have now discovered that the Ban the Bomb symbol is the semaphore codes for N and D superimposed. One lives and learns.

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    Morse signalling used one flag. Signal Training (All Arms) 1938 has some sections on the subject. Here’s a page from the book.


    Morse flags.jpg
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    Thanks Richard. First I've ever heard of Morse being sent by flag signal.


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