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    Hi Folks,
    I hope everyone is well during these times.

    I posted on the forum before and the response and information i got from you guys, about my Grandfather was truely overwhelming.
    And i dare say i would not have got close to the information i received from the forum members as i was looking in the wrong places.

    I have another question now.
    I am trying to find out which company my grandfather was in.
    I seen the mention of an acquaintance roll on another topic and im wondering where i could find this?
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    might be an idea if you posted his name and other details or linked the other info you already have to assist forum members in helping you
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    from DBF to give context to your query

    What that refers to is a file on Missing Personnel from British Expeditionary Force in 1940 - men who were either POW or casualties, with fates unknown at that time. Your grandfather's name was extracted from the file because he as listed on an Acquittance roll. This does not mean that he was ever declared missing only that his name happened to be on a regiment's list for pay purposes. These lists were used to try and find witness accounts from comrades who had been serving with the missing men and who might have information which would help Casualty Branch.
    Grenadier Guards, Other Ranks: unofficial Nominal Roll by Army Number order
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    His name was J.Crossan of the 2nd Royal Inniskilling fusiliers.
    His service number was 6976629
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    As CL1 has indicated I think you are referring to an Acquittance Roll, in which case you need to amend the title of the thread. From What does acquittance roll mean?
    1. acquittance roll

      In the British service, a roll containing the names of the men of each troop or company or regiment, showing the debts and credits, with the signature of each man, and certificate of the officer commanding it.
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    Ok apologies i will change the name off the topic.
    I thought the acquaintance roll was something different.

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