Grenadier Guards, Other Ranks: unofficial Nominal Roll by Army Number order

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    Yes he was at Anzio, also Monte Catarelto and Monte Sole.I think that he may have been at Salerno too but not sure. I have his service record but there is very limited information in it. Would there be a War Diary available anywhere maybe?
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    Wonderful to hear that he was at Anzio - I have looked in some depth at 5 GREN GDS actions at Anzio. More than happy to share this with you if you are interested. Do you, by chance, know which Company he was in?

    Only 6 GREN GDS were at Salerno. Did he serve with them too?


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    Hello minden,
    No, I don't think he was with the 6th but I remember him talking about Salerno when I was very young, he also talked about seeing Naples and Vesuvius but that may have been when he was on leave maybe?
    I don't know which company he was in but would really enjoy hearing more about any of his service that may be available. If you would share what you have I would be grateful.
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    He would have seen Vesuvuis and Naples when 24 Gds Bde was withdrawn from Anzio and sent for R&R to the Amafi coast.


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    Duly added Charles, thank you for taking time to add your uncle's details.

    Using Lee's WD Search Engine :

    WO 166/4102 INFANTRY: 5 Grenadier Guards.1941 Oct.- Dec.

    WO 166/8573 5 Grenadier Guards1942 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 166/12467 5 Grenadier Guards1943 Jan., Feb.
    WO 175/486 5 Grenadier Guards1943 Feb.- Apr.
    WO 169/10164 5 Grenadier Guards1943 July- Dec.

    WO 170/1350 5 Grenadier Guards1944 Jan.-Dec.

    WO 170/4980 5 Grenadier Guards1945 Jan.- Mar.
    WO 166/17140 5 Grenadier Guards1945 Apr., May
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    Please could you add my Grandfather to your nominal role for the Grenadier Guards.

    His details are as follows:

    2620708 Guardsman Henry George Blyth.

    At this moment in time, I do not know which Battalion he served with in WWII but he was injured in either late July or early August 1944 in Normandy which led to him being sent back to the UK.

    Thank you for your hard work with the nominal role.

    John Blyth
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  8. Johnboy36

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    25081071 trying to find some record of service please help cheers!!!!
  9. dbf

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    If that number is correct, then it's an 8-digit Service number, apparently issued fairly recently.
    According to the info on this other thread it was issued between these dates

    Information relating to the person in question won't be in the public domain.
    Can I ask what your interest is, where you got the number from?
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    2612098 Guardsman OYNES R. Grenadier Guards Reinforcement Company

    Hi GUys Can anyone tell me anymore about this company? This grenadier was my Grandfather, Robert Edward P Oynes, my mother's father. For obvious reasons he never talked much of the war years - I am interested in finding out what this company did during the war - there was mention of the fact that his company were one of the first into one of the concentration camps... we dont know, only what was said... Does anyone know how I can find out more about what these chaps did and the campaigns they were on? I just remember him being very very tall - and the photograph i remember of him in his uniform was very smart.

    Thankyou so much for any advice..

  11. dbf

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    Hi Sarah-Jane
    Welcome to the forum.

    The only details known to me are are as follows:-

    2612098 Guardsman OYNES R. Grenadier Guards Reinforcements Company Note: X 7.6.1940 Acquittance Roll (All Arms)
    from this link.
    transcript -
    orignal papers -

    What that refers to is a file on Missing Personnel from British Expeditionary Force in 1940 - men who were either POW or casualties, with fates unknown at that time. Your grandfather's name was extracted from the file because he as listed on an Acquittance roll. This does not mean that he was ever declared missing only that his name happened to be on a regiment's list for pay purposes. These lists were used to try and find witness accounts from comrades who had been serving with the missing men and who might have information which would help Casualty Branch.

    The company mentioned was for the B.E.F. in 1940, and it's likely that he was moved around within the regiment throughout the war. A battalion number is key to working out which actions, in which theatres he took part in. (Just to give you an idea of the scale and organisation ... during WW2 the Grenadiers had 6 battalions, each of which would have had 5 companies.)

    Your best bet to understanding what your grandfather did in the war is to apply to Wellington Barracks.
    See this link, post to for details on how to apply

    If you or anyone in the family have any photos, any paperwork, letters, medals etc, they might provide some clues, but not necessarily the whole picture.
  12. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Cyril COLLIER, Service Number 4800301 of the Lincolnshire Regiment was discharged 4 February 1932. Re-enlisted in the Grenadier Guards on 14 December 1940.

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    Could you add following info pse re WIlliam George JOYCE T262149. Joined Grenadiers,enlisting at WindsorCastle outbreak of war. Volunteered 2 Commando serving in L troop. Later with 11 SAS Bttn and then T Company 1st Parachute Bttn. Served North Africa, Sicily, Italy and was wounded at Arnhem. Went on to serve in Palestine until 1948 as a Staff Sergeant. Full biopic on Para data. No record at Wellington Barracks and I cannot trace army record. Any feedback appreciated.
  14. dbf

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    Hello and welcome, I'll add name with link asap. Could you check that number as it doesn't appear to be from GG allocation.

    Do you mean that you've checked to see if his papers are now with MOD Glasgow?
    (When my g'father reenlisted with RA in '39, his WW1 IG papers were forwarded to Foots Cray, and are now - presumably - with MOD... all Wellington Barracks had were some paperwork mostly blank, to keep note of the transfer I presume.)
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    Can you please add my Grandfather into the roll:

    C.Q.M.S John MANSBRIDGE, 2615599, 6th Battalion Grenadier Guards

    I have recently found your site and it has been fantastic to share the war diaries with my mother and uncle as my grandfather did not talk in great depth about his time in the war. I have several photos from his time in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Italy which I need to get scanned and will be able to share.

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    Being in 6 GREN GDS would place him squarely at the Battle of Monte Camino in Nov 43 on the approach to Cassino. If he survived that, no wonder he never spoke much about his time in Italy.

    I am a battlefield guide and have walked the Monte Camino feature many times and I marvel at what the soldiers of 1 Scots Guards and 6 Grenadier Guards endured. It was a horrible place to fight a war and no accident that the troops named parts as Bare Arse Ridge and Razor Back Ridge.


  17. Phil Page

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    Hi Frank

    He was involved in The Battle Of Horseshoe Ridge in N Africa and then through to Monte Camino.

    Just reviewing the War Diaries on this forum and the horrific casualties at Mareth alone gives good reason to him not talking much about the war, let alone Monte Camino.

    I am unclear as to where he was after Camino although a picture I have of him in Spoleto in '44 points to him bring in the 6th until it was disbanded - after then I am not sure of his whereabouts, so I will have to request his war records. He remained in the Guards after the war at Windsor.

    I recently watched a show on TV called Unearthing World War 2, the second episode of which was shot around Cassino. This has really prompted me to get over there and follow my grandfather's Battalion's footsteps sooner rather than later - I will be in touch!!
  18. dbf

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    Hi Phil,
    sorry I didn't confirm earlier that I'd added your grandfather to the roll as per your request.
    Welcome to the forum and I'm looking forward to anything you can add.
    The address for records can be found in post 2 of this linked thread - Researching Guardsmen and the Foot Guards

    As you have said both Mareth and Camino actions by 6GG are covered by WDs posted here on the forum

    If you have not yet seen these:

    there is also this account of Horseshoe and the aftermath by the battalion Medical Officer - not for the faint-hearted.
    6th Battalion Grenadier Guards, March 1943, Captain Winder, R.A.M.C.

    and also this thread about the Mareth Cross, now located outside the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks
    The Mareth Cross
  19. Phil Page

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    Thanks very much, dbf
  20. minden1759

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    Do not forget that 6 GREN GDS also landed at Salerno on 9 Sep 43. They had an interesting time there too.

    Look me up on my website if you are thinking of going to Cassino/Camino. My next civilian group is 8-11 Jun 17. The majority of my work is for the Army but I like to include civilian groups because it is so much more personal placing relatives on the field of battle and describing what happened to them.



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