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    No, the other sections are Waterloo, Mons and First/Third Ypres.

    It has got fold-out maps, though! Two of the Arras ones are based on contemporary German maps.
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    That'll do for me then....I like a map :D
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    That'll do for me then....I like a map :D
    And me too!
    Cheers idler
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    Got my copy of the Army Battlefield Guide: Belgium and Northern France by Richard Holmes and it led me to another interesting little book that mentions Arras.
    Old Battles and New Defences: Can We Learn From Military History is a collection of studies commissioned by the British Ministry of Defence. The studies were to help plan for Britian's role in NATO on the Central Front and focus on counter-stroke and the use of artillery. The chapter on Arras: " Arras, 21 1940: A Case Study in the Counter-Offensive" by Brian Bond draws on Macksey's work , some German sources and some communciation Bond has with some of the senior officers involved in the attack. If you're interested in Arras, the analysis Bond works in makes this a book worth tracking down through inter-library loan.

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    Do we know about this one?

    The St Valery Story, Ernest Reoch, 1965


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    Got it already :D
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    I hope that the book's a bit more 'authentic' than the dust jacket showing a formation sign which wasn't in use in 1940!
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    An interesting collection and a few suggestions for interesting books. Its rather focused on Dunkirk and the British point of view.

    If you want to add other sides to the story try

    - Hienz Guderian Panzer leader
    - Erich von Manstein: Lost Battles
    - Alistair Horne : To Lose a Battle
    - William Shirer The Collapse of the Third Republic

    Add another dimension with
    ER Hooton : Phoenix Rising, Triumphant
    Cajus Bekker: The Luftwaffe War Diairies
    Norman Franks The air war over Dunkirk
    There is also a rather good RAF Historical study - a cabinet secret history which you can buy.

    You might also find interesting

    Brian Bond's France and Flanders 1940 60 years on - a collection of essays on different aspects of the campaign.
    Martin Marixz Evans - The Fall of France 1940: Act with daring:

    There are also some interesting Regimental histories
    - Farndale's Years of Defeat tells the gunner story 1939-41
    - Return to Dunkirk by Gun Buster - fictionalised account of a TA unit, but based on the unit which supports the arras counter attack.
    - The War Illustrated carried lots of contemporary eye witness accounts, includign the splendid story of the defence of Hondeghem by K Battery.

    There is also an excellet book by an officer in the Royal Ulster Rifles which covers the story of the crossing at Gorre.
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    I think I need to put my updated book list on here :D
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    A nice unusual book for my collection arrived today thanks to a heads up from Trux:

    Supporting the British Expeditionary Force - The Royal Engineer Railway Units in France 1939-1940 by William A T Aves.
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    Twelve Days in May by Brian Cull;
    Air War in France 1939-1940 by Robert Jackson

    How do these 2 books compare, I have the second of the two, found it to be very factual, was wondering if the first had more first hand accounts?
    Anybody read it?

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    Can't help Les - I only have Air War in France 1939-1940. I tend to use ATB's Battle Of France for the Air war side of things. I think you'll stuggle to find anything more factual than that.
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    I have one of Cull's other books and it is based on a lot of interviews as well as archive sources. Some of the Grub Street books command high prices on the secondhand market, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you can get a copy for a reasonable price.

    Another book that springs to mind is Valiant Wings.
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    Bagged 'Twelve days in May', will let you know, thanks chaps.
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    Cull's book is OK, the second one is very basic.

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    'The New Contemptibles' Douglas Williams'
    Fascinating little book published in 1940 by DailyTelegraph
    About a dozen first hand accounts , none of which I have seen before , two good accounts of escape from St. Valery / Veules Les Roses includung the rifle sling one ( a petrol company , RASC ?)
    Good maps in cluding a very detailed map of Hondeghem showing every bren gun.
    Foreword by Tiger Gort himself

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    La Bataille de Dunkerque by Jacques Mordal - in French of course.

    Old fashioned history, published 1948, but a lot of detail on French units and very creditable performance by the French Navy.
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    Sappers and Militiamen: A History of The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) by Graham Watson ISBN 0952810204

    mas1.jpg mas2.jpg

    The Man Who Missed The Massacre by Cyril Jolly ISBN 0905773344

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