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  1. Hi
    By any chance would you have something on Alec Smith 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards? He joined up in 1940 at the recruiting office in Doncaster and survived the war leaving the army in 1946. He was from Thorne.
    Thanks Nick
  2. Shin Gebis

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    Unfortunately this photo is all I have on Guardsman Alec Smith, I have him listed as being from Thorne. It was taken from the Doncaster Gazette 4th July 1940 issue page 6. there may well be a write up on the same page regarding information on him. He may have been the Alec smith who lived at 25 Kirton Lane, Thorne listed on the 1939 register as a joiner in a military camp. Born 19th February 1920.

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  3. Thanks very much, that’s amazing. That’s him and yes it’s the same Alec Smith listed as a joiner living at Kirton Lane. Would you know how I might get access to the historical articles in the Doncaster Gazette please? Thanks again, Nick
  4. Shin Gebis

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    Yes Nick, the local studies section in the main library library in Waterdale will give you all the information you need to access the newspapers. they have all of the local newspapers on microfiche so you can request a newspaper from whichever date you want and scan through it for your info. if you ring the library they will give you a slot (you can have up to 4 hours). when you get there ask for Liz Astin, she is very helpful and knowledgeable. I don`t know whether things have changed as I haven`t used the library since I compiled my database of over 12,000 photo`s and write up`s of local servicemen and women a few years ago. regards and good luck. Jim. P.S it`s worth trolling through the whole of the 2nd World War papers if you have time as there may be more references to Alec.
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    Just belatedly joining up the dots with this post. Here is what developed re: Sidney Rupert Jones a couple of years ago:
    Sidney Charles Rupert Jones
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  6. Jim, thanks so much for sharing your hard earned knowledge and insight. They’re some fabulous pointers. Best wishes Nick
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    Hi Jim
    I’m looking for my grandads details but I don’t know anything about his regiment, only that he was in the trenches in France in the Second World War. His name is Thomas Henry Hutton born in 1909 & lived at Edlington & Stainforth.
    Hope you can help, would love to see if he was pictured in the paper.
    Jane Cobham
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    Just sent Jim a PM alerting him to your post. He was logged on in late April, he could have this thread flagged too. Hopefully he will respond.
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    Hi Jane, I have just looked through my records and unfortunately there is no reference to a Thomas Henry Hutton in my data base. There are other Hutton`s but not related. Ironically I was born in Stainforth and lived almost all of my life in Dunscroft, (the next village). Where I knew a Hutton family, I remember Tommy Hutton, Harry Hutton and Susan Hutton, also other members of the family. Sorry I couldn`t help. regards. Jim Mitchell.

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