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  1. Shin Gebis

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    Hi all having just joined the forum I have information that may be of use to WW2 researchers and family researchers. I have almost completed after around 5 years of research an index of WW1 and WW2 soldiers who`s photographs appear in the two local Doncaster newspapers during 1914-19 and 1939 -46. The index includes the actual photographs of the soldiers and in many occasions family information including parents and home addresses "particularly WW2". The reproduction of some of the photographs particularly the WW1 soldiers are to say the least of poor quality but much better copies can be obtained from the archive in Doncaster. The index includes the edition of the newspaper, the date of the newspaper and the page that the photographs can be found on. I have over 12,000 photographs of local soldiers from in and around the Doncaster area and would be only too glad to pass on any information required. Best regards. Jim Mitchell. P.S. Posted a typical insertion. Mitchell B. Pte  DLI  Don Chron  12th Sep 1940 page 8.jpeg
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  2. Our bill

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    Hello and welcome to the site. I think it's fantastic what you have achieved . I would love to see them all.I am a rotherham lass and was wondering if your newspapers covered the Rotherham area.Regards Elsie
  3. CL1

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    Hello Jim and welcome.
    thanks for posting, excellent work
    I am sure forum members will take up your offer.
  4. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Welcome to the forum
    Fantastic offer on your first post.
  5. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Forgot to add, I'd be very much interested in any inserts regarding Foot Guards regiments.

    Many thanks
  6. bamboo43

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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome and well done, many of us on here know what it is like to compile such rolls and indexes and the effort required. As Diane says this is a generous offer, have you come across any 13th Kings Liverpool by any chance.

  7. Shin Gebis

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    Hello again, I will have a look for the regiments you mention, although the index does include in many cases the regiments served in it isn`t searchable by regiment. At least not yet "could be something else to work on". but as I said I will have a look. Regards. Jim
  8. bamboo43

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    Thanks Jim. :)
  9. pigeon

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    Great Stuff i'm in Rotherham and Today have Family / War History in Doncaster
    Edlington Conisbrough Swinton Wombwell
    i Found a site that has info on my uncle Killed in WW1
    It has some great info on Barnsley War and surrounding Area
  10. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Hi Jim
    In that case I wouldn't want you to go to that much trouble, but would ask you instead to give a heads-up if you stumble upon anything relevant. :)
    Many thanks again
  11. AbzWWII

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  12. AbzWWII

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    My great uncle John Taylor (John Alfred Taylor) was based in Doncaster during WWII and died aged 26 on 2nd January 1941z He was in the Royal Artillery 69 Anti tank regiment. I wondered if you might have any articles or photographs of him at all? I would truly love to see them if so.
  13. Shin Gebis

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    Sorry I don`t have any record of your Great uncle. My database only covers servicemen and women from Doncaster and the surrounding areas. Regards Jim.
  14. 5 koyli

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    hi jim. have you any info on my father harry marsh he served in the 53 laa regiment koyli from 1939-46 he was a bugler and played the last post at bennethorpe on rememberance day my sister recalls his photo being in the paper he also served in the ta untill 1956. would appreciate any help you can give . regards peter marsh
  15. Shin Gebis

    Shin Gebis Member

    Sorry Peter I have nothing on Harry Marsh. I have a Fred Marsh from Hexthorpe who was with the Doncaster Territorials. If I come across anything I will let you know. Regards. Jim.
  16. GerryG

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    Hi Jim, do you have anything on James Zanelli. Thanks
  17. Shin Gebis

    Shin Gebis Member

    Zanelli J.  Gnr  RA Don Gaz 15th Mar 1945 page 4.jpeg Zanelli J.H.  Gnr  RA  Don Gaz 1st Feb 1945 page 4.jpeg
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  18. jon/hal/tyl

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    Hi I am after any information on Sidney Charles Rupert Jones who was a Chindit and killed in ww2 and his two brothers all from Doncaster.
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  19. Shin Gebis

    Shin Gebis Member

    Hi Jon, All I have on your men. Regards Jim Mitchell. Doncaster
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  20. bamboo43

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    Wonderful to see these newspaper clippings, thanks for posting.

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