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Discussion in 'Airborne' started by Tiswas, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Hi all

    My father was in the 151/156 parachute regiment, i already had his soldiers diary and now also have his war records, the problem is i am unable to read most of it due to the hand writing and abbreviations, this is making it difficult trying to piece together what he did and where he went, is this a common thing, have other members managed to find out what is written in theirs, and if so how.

    Also his soldiers diary is now starting to fall apart, can anyone recommend where or how to have this repaired, or is it best left alone.

    Thanks for any help regarding this.
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    Might be an idea if you upload any docs you have on to the thread.
    Some members on here make Sherlock Holmes look like an amateur and I am sure they will help you

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    One way to keep your relatives diary is to transcribe it while you still hopefully can, it would be better for you to have at least one good copy and the original in case something happens to it if you can find somewhere to repair the original diary

    Post the records and let the members help you out

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    Hope that i have done these right, these are from his war records, i will find out his service book and put those on to see if anyone can help, Cheers.






    I had to do this in two halves as it was to big to scan.


    DD.jpg Sorry but it seems i printed one twice and can't find where to delete it, here's the one it should have been.
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    If it helps any your father was on course 2 at the parachute \training school in India. At the time of the course he was shown as a member of 151 Battalion. Unfortunately I don't have a date for the course.


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    Thanks for your replies Arnhem and Tony and the link.
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    HI Tricky Dicky
    Yes it is, but the one in the army uniform is not him, i was mislead by a family member, i have asked paradata to remove it a few times but it is still on there, the wedding photo and the write up are correct.

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