Cpl 3598939 Henry Stamper 4th Border Regiment (TA) 1940 BEF Evader & POW

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    Browsing the Liberation Questionnaires again and came across this chap’s interesting story.

    Captured at Fecamp, France 10th June 1940 and escaped overnight. Evaded for a short while looking to make his way back to England but then found shelter with 2 others on a French farm for a year. The 3 of them tried to get to Spain but only one was successful - see paper clipping from Westmorland Gazette March 1945 about the exploits of Pte Woodburn 4th Border.

    Cpl Stamper was detained in an internment camp near Marseilles by Vichy Government - pic attached - until Italian forces took over in late 1942 and he was sent to Italy and on to Germany.

    Name: Henry Stamper . Date of Birth: 13/4/1896 . Place of Birth: Moresby . Service:... | The National Archives

    (Note 10 year age difference - wonder if he gave a false DOB on joining TA?)

    After completing his questionnaire he was asked for further details and supplied a 4 page letter plus the newspaper clipping and a photo of his hut in the internment camp.


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