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    Record Transcription:
    British Army, British Red Cross Society Volunteers 1914-1918

    First name(s) Florence Ethel
    Last name Rutley
    Year 1918
    Birth year -
    Rank Nurse
    Address Pen-Y-Dre, Cullompton
    County Devon
    County as transcribed Devon
    Country England
    Service from 09/07/1918
    Service to Present
    Engagement date 09/07/1918
    Age when engaged 21 1/2
    Pay at engagement With
    Termination date Still serving 13.10.19
    Department J.W. V. A D.
    Commission Devon. 78
    Previous engagement P.T.O.
    Certificate number -
    Additional information 9.7.18 - 28.6.19 Mil Hos. Birmingham. 21.7.19 - Present. Military Hospital. Bristol.
    British Red Cross
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    It is amazing what you can find if you have some verifiable facts to work with. Parish of Kentisbeare, Devon, 1930.

    Florence Ethel.jpg
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    I have just found this entry which would indicate an attempt to avoid social scandal by registering the birth of the Rutley baby in his father's name. The location of the birth is very close to where the Kinson's lived and we know from her VAD record that Florence had spent nearly a year in Birmingham. Viz. (9.7.1918 - 28.6.1919 Military Hospital. Birmingham). So she clearly had connections there.

    Births Mar 1921
    King Frederick A (King) Meriden 6d 1158. This is in effect Arthur Kinson's birth certificate.

    The King in brackets is the mother's surname.

    Normally, illegitimate births are registered under the mother's name and it is extremely rare to find them registered under the father's name. Clearly, the families of both parties colluded to cover up the scandal of an illegitimate child. It would appear that Florence Rutley was sent to Birmingham to have her child and there, once delivered, registered his birth in the father's name. The certificate would still show an illegitimate birth but Florence Rutley's name would not be on the certificate. I haven't seen the certificate to confirm this but I may well get a copy.

    The next logical step to avoid a social scandal in Cullompton is to somehow lose the baby. How did this happen? How did Frederick Arthur King become Arthur Kinson? Only to die 20 years later as Frederick Arthur Rutley King?
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    The Family Tree story about him dying in 1941 appears to be true. I am willing to bet that the letter R is for Rutley.

    England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007

    First name(s) FREDERICK A R
    Last name KING
    Gender Male
    Birth day -
    Birth month -
    Birth year 1921
    Age 20
    Death quarter 3
    Death year 1941
    District Meriden
    County Warwickshire
    Volume 6D
    Page 702
    Country England
    Record set England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007

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