Captain P.E.Clark, 2nd Devons

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    I have been asked if I can find a picture of the officer mentioned above, he was the Mortar Platoon officer but was killed in action on 7.6.44. I have a photo of officers of the battalion taken just before D-Day but he is not identified on the photo, can anybody help? I think I have most of then named correctly .

    Front row= Capt.J.D.symes -Capt.M.Holdsworth - Maj.F.G.Sadler (MBE) - J.R.H.Parlby - LtCol.C.A.R.Nevill (OBE) Commanding Officer - Col the Earl Fortescue - Maj.G.R.Young - Maj.M.M.Howard (MC) - Maj.H.V.Duke (MC) - Capt.& Adj T.A.Holdsworth. 2nd row= Lt.R.W.Murphy - Lt.R.A.R. Pethick - Lt.R.C.Davey - Capt.A.D.Eteson (MC) - Capt.D.E.Harris - Capt.J.T.A.Lloyd (RAMC) - Lt.H.Heap - Lt.F.A.Pearson - LtW.Kembys'Jenkin - LtD.F.Riordan - Capt.J.D.Cambell (MC) Back row=Lt.H.R.Whalley - Lt.D.Holdsworth - Lt.F.H.Pease - Lt. C.J.Candlin - Lt.J.G.Morris - Lt.J.C.Coles - Lt.E.Gamble - Lt.E.E,Mead - Lt.H.D.Shinn (QM) - Lt.K.J.Bull.

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    Dear Reddevon,
    I research exactly the same picture. For the same raison I think. PM to speak about that ? Vous ĂȘtes plus avancĂ© que moi sur le sujet...
    Good night,
    Xavier P
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    140100 Captain Philip Edmund CLARK 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment seconded to Hampshire Regiment
    Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 09.19.21.png Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 09.18.55.png
    Western Morning News 21st March 1938
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    Going off his date of death and place of burial, it would appear that Capt PE Clark was seconded to the 1st Bn Hampshire Regiment, 231st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    This is same brigade as the 2nd Bn Devonshire Regiment.
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