Calling Lee-Enfield experts: WWI Sniper version in war movie

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    Here is a poser. During WWI, I believe close to 10,000 SMLEs were converted to sniper rifles by fitting various telescopic sights, of which the Aldis, Prismatic Prism, and Winchester A5 were the most common. After the end of the war all but a few of these sniper rifles had their scopes removed and were restored to their original configurations, though a few old SMLE snipers survived and pop up occasionally as collector's items. Anyhow, years ago I saw a very bad Errol Flynn war movie made in 1944 called The Edge of Darkness. Near the end of the picture, actress (?) Ann Sheridan uses an SMLE with a sniper scope. I am not enough of an SMLE expert to tell what sort of scope was on the weapon in question, or even whether or not what I saw was a genuine SMLE sniper or some kind of mockup the studio armorer cobbled together. Here are some images, so if any experts want to take the time on the ID I'd be interested in their conclusions.

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    Possibly an American M73 Weaver cobbled onto a SMLE mount
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    The film was a US production filmed in California. I suspect the sight is a studio addition as access to such much needed specialist kit would be limited. Most of the First World War SMLE sniper rifles were on variants with the original cocking piece - not the simplified version as shown. Not a clincher though as retro fitting and replacements could account for this.
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    She's also wearing gloves. Not the best for trigger feel.

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