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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by ww2 mike, Jun 1, 2019.

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    hi, bit late in the day but a question or two, i normally research my own father on here who was in the far east but as i'm off to normandy soon thought i would ask on here about his brother. any leads on british pioneer cor attached to canadians . landed on juno on d day and was mine clearing . came ashore near or at courselles .sur.mer . i believe that spelling is wrong . apparently once ashore he was attached to a engineering unit when though europe making bridges ,thanks mike
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    Have a look at No7 & 8 Beach Groups & the units in them
    They were the beach groups for JUNO
    Beach groups - Wikipedia
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    thanks td and owen going by the map courseulles-sur- mer is probably where he came ashore green sector thanks for the start ,mike
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    Juno Beach order of battle - Wikipedia
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    I'm no Pioneer Corps expert, but a bit of info. Best advice is in TD's post #2. Get his records, it is the foundation for any research. Pioneer Corps men on D-Day and especially after would have been everywhere. Guessing and speculating on which Company might have included your uncle will be fruitless. His records should identify precisely which unit he was with.

    If you search this thread for 'pioneer', you will find groups from several different Pioneer Companies, landing on a variety of beaches in the Juno area, at various times, and some with specific tasks indicated (medical, SBs, decoy and deception etc.). Deeper in the thread, info on the beach groups includes some details on the type of work they were doing. It's seems reasonable to me that once the first groups of RE/RCE and unit pioneers (not the same as the Pioneer Corps, all infantry battalions had a dedicated pioneer platoon) did initial demolitions to allow the assault troops to land, more manpower would be required to assist in clearing more mines and obstacles. Pioneer Corps men working under the direction of Engineers fits the descriptions in those threads.
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    thank you all for your help bit more digging to do ,mike
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    Was your father attached to a Royal Engineer or a Royal Canadian Engineer unit?

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