British armoured cars in North Africa

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    Does anyone know which armoured cars were used by which units in North Africa?

    I’m specifically interested in which vehicles were being used by the 1st Royal Dragoons at Gazala, when they were the recce regiment of the 1st Armoured Division. My guess is Daimlers or Humbers, but that really is just a guess.

    Thanks for any info or leads you might have.
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    The 1st Royal Dragoons were withdrawn to repair their old armoured cars on April 22, 1942. When Gazala started they had not yet reequipped and still had Marmon Herrington IIIs. On May 14th, they sent out a composite squadron in the same patched-up old armoured cars. Two days later a second composite squadron was sent out and the remainder of the regiment followed a week later. It was not until July 27, 1942 that they were withdrawn from action and reequipped with Humber IIs and Daimlers, having one Daimler and two Humbers per troop. 'C' Squadron was the first to withdraw on June 27th to get new armoured cars. 'A' Squadron remained at the front until replace by 'C' Squadron for the Alam el Half battle.

    This is from the regimental history.
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    That’s really useful, thanks so much.
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    No problem.

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