Bren Gun Carrier - Unit ID and Markings

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    Drew many thanks for your help with my wife's uncle research. I have just returned from Normandy where we uncovered some more facts but as yet haven't located his final resting place.

    This very helpful map aided our research and was wondering if there was the next sheet east that would take in Colleville, Mouen, Tourville.
    One other fact I am having difficulty ascertaining, which surprises me, is finding out which beach the GH landed on bearing in mind the marching troops managed to land before the storm hit whilst the vehicle parties had to wait for 3 days. I know the GH Support Company were held in ships because of storm.

    I am also trying to locate the caualty forms AFW 3314 or 3314A so if anyone can suggest where I might try and locate these I would be grateful.

    Sorry for the flood of requests but you'll know how it is when you return from an event, all guns blazing, if you'll excuse the phrase.

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    Thanks Idler will see if I can get a copy.

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