Bedford? QLR identification

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    An excellent thread! Michel's research (and eyes!) continue to amaze me!

    I am a bit dubious about the [40] on top of the m/c fuel seems an unlikely place for a small vehicle marking? Noel's picture seems to be the same jeep & m/c, and an AoS number appears to be on the front mudguard.........

    356 SL Bty was part of 39 SL Regt RA until Feb 1943. The mobilisation numbers (listed in 1944) were:

    39 SL Regt RA - 29980
    355 SL Bty - 29980(a), 356 SL Bty - 29980(b), 357 SL Bty - 29980(c)

    (The 1944 list was not well updated as 39 SL Regt and 355 Bty had been been reduced to a cadre in 1943 (and had become 7 Lanc Fus), and 357 Bty had transferred to 56 SL Regt RA)

    As stated, 356 SL Bty was an independent battery in 21 Army Group, and its AoS number (in 1945, and almost certainly in 1944) was 1127. Maybe this is the number on the mudguard?

    I attach the full 50 Div marking list as mentioned in Hodges & Taylor (obtained from WO 171/513).


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  2. Dave,

    Thanks for posting the 50 Div Marking Instructions. This clarifies many points and will be helpful for other units too. You are right in all your remarks: '40' is not the AoS Serial, which is indeed partly visible on the mudguard of the M/C and the left bumper of the Jeep and is clearly compatible with '1127'.

    Additionally, in his post #53 above (Bedford? QLR identification) Mike says:
    "A Troop should have landed on Jig and B on King"
    Since LTIN 2917 was indeed planned to land on JIG GREEN, I will consider this a confirmation that the 'A' in the 'AR' marking on the Jeep means 'A' Tp.

    I've updated the annotated pic according to the recent inputs as follows:
    Jeep A Tp Comd, 356 SL Bty - 26-G-2358.jpg

    Edit: I attach a "Horizontal" or Landscape version of the above comparison pic for easier viewing on a PC screen

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    Been following this thread since I'm working on a QLR build myself. The bike looks to be an Ariel WNG to me. The Jeep would be an interesting build too.[​IMG]
    Jim Guld

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