Battle of Rethem 1945 (Aller river crossing)

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    John, yes, that reason I was aware when I read the 2. volume of Jean Bouchery´s "The British Soldier" with the OOB of the divisions.. But on the other hand I have the accounts of veterans who even described the vehicles. Without these I would ignore the question of the Halftrack. That there were 2 Wasps is new to me, I ever thought of one Wasp. Is there any report of that action in a War Diary? I could´t find it yet.
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    Besides half-tracks not being on the battalion's establishment table, there is nothing on the British side that points to the presence of a half-track:
    • No mention in the regimental history.
    • No mention in the 1/5 Welch war diary.
    • No mention in the brigade war diary.
    Furthermore, the M14 was not sufficiently well-armoured to be used as an assault vehicle except in extremis. Mis-identification of vehicles in war is commonplace and I suspect that this is the case here. The coup-de-main attempt by the carriers is recorded in both 158 Inf Bde and 1/5 Welch's war diaries.
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    I agree that it is posible that there were a verhicle, but maybe not a brit (US) Halftrack. If there has been one I think there would be photo somewhere. I will leave this "Halftrack" with a big question mark in my files regarding the type.

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