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Discussion in 'Historiography' started by BFBSM, Aug 29, 2015.

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    I kindly refer you to my post #13. It's what is meant that counts and, as long as it's understood, not, in my mind, the actual words used.
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    Can a deceased person receive something ?

    Yes, medals and absolution.

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    Aren't medals sometimes given out directly on the field? Generals like Patton used to carry a box of medals with them, and George used to just love handing them out on the spot. This type of medal is won.

    A medal that has been recommended by an officer after the fact, and is the result of an investigation or report of some kind, I believe those medals are awarded. After all, if you are to recieve a medal from His Majesty the King, maybe it's a little too informal for the king to do anything other than bestow.

    What about postumous medals? A deceased man hardly seems a winner. Or am I placing too much store in the usefulness of an article such as this?
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    This was found in a War Diary for 1944, can't remember for certain which formation, probably GAD.
    British and presumably Commonwealth procedures for Honours and Awards:






    and further instructions for completion of Army Form W.3121
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    No Medal is ever won as this would mean they were in competition with each other, to receive such medals as the victory cross a person would have to been outstanding in a gallant manner to be awarded them.
    If you think about the many battles that have been fought during conflicts the V C medal is only awarded to the soldiers that have gone above and beyond their call of duty. So no it is not won it is awarded.

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