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Discussion in 'Historiography' started by airborne medic, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. airborne medic

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    Currently reading Commando to Colditz by Peter Stanley......subtitled 'Micky Burn's journey to the far side of tears - the raid on St Nazaire'. Not a bad story about an officer in No 2 Commando and taken prisoner on the riad.

    However somewhat surprised to find that the author - Peter Stanley had been granted access to a fair number of soldiers records from the Record Office at Glasgow....this appears to go against the advice on thier website.....I guess a very lucky man so perhaps there are avenues for enterprising people to get into the was printed in 2009 so fairly recent....most of the recrods accessed where those who died at St Nazaire...anyone else got any other times when records were released to non NOK?
  2. GPRegt

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    After the 25 yr rule, Glasgow will release full information to general enquirers, without consent of NOK, at £30 a record.

    Steve W.
  3. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    Thanks Steve,

    Gets expensive then......this guy did about 30 people.....perhaps his publisher paid!

    I guess it must be 25 years after death.....
  4. GPRegt

    GPRegt Senior Member

    Yes, that's the 25 yr rule - should have been more specific.

    Expensive, indeed, and waiting time, too - 8+ months at present.

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