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  1. Hi all,
    I am new in this forum. I am interested in unit numbering and AoS of British army vehicles. I am looking for AoS of 14th Army. Can you please help me about the AoS of 14th Army?
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    I too am interested in vehicle markings, and have found very little information on markings used by the 14th Army. There are a few photos on the Imperial War Museum website showing vehicles with unit numbers, and they appear to match the system used in Europe and North Africa. The one book that does mention Far East vehicle markings is 'Jungle Armour' by Dennis Oliver. This can be found on Amazon. The price has jumped by £10+ since I got my copy, which now makes the 32 page booklet expensive, but it is still worth it if you are interested in markings (and Sherman tanks). He has done some good research.

    My father served in the 45 Cavalry, an Indian armoured regiment in 14 Army, and I attach some of his photos, taken in 1945. The bogged jeep shows a unit number of 53 (probably on a red/yellow background), and this can just be seen on the right-hand Sherman, together with a 14 Army formation sign. The third photo shows a Sherman dozer, with a serial number, but no unit markings.


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  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks. Its really impressive pictures.
    I got the book- Jungle Armour in the internet. You can download this book from Deposit Files

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