833924 L/Bombardier Roger WHITE, MM, RA & 2 SAS: 26/10/1943 - MiD?

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    I’m researching a soldier who was tragically killed in a parachute accident whilst serving with 2 SAS in 1943 (he is on the Doune memorial) .

    His medal group includes an MiD emblem yet I cannot find any reference to it. I just wondered if MiDs were published for the SAS and whether there was a record of who went on what operation when the Regt deployed?
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    Difference between 'Accidentally Killed' and 'Died result of Accident'

    Just wondered if somebody had any idea of the what the difference is between the two terms used in the subject of this thread taken from WO417. I am researching LBdr Roger White MM who was killed in a Parachute Training Accident (taken from SAS & LRDG Roll of Honour) & I believe he died alongside I assume LCpl Parker in Oct 1943 (they are both buried in Bone, Algeria). I know LBdr White was 2 SAS and believe so was LCpl Parker as I cannot find any record of 109 Workshop and Park Company, Royal Engineers being in Algeria around that time. I don't know why they wouldn't be listed as 'died result of accident' if it was a parachute accident. Thanks

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    Roger White was my first cousin, twice removed. He died some 13 years before I was born.
    He was born to parents Henry White a coalminer and Winifred White nee Docherty, on the 23 March 1915, in the district of Holytown, County of Lanarkshire Scotland. He married Silvia Jessica Stevenson in July 1938, at Finsbury, London. They had one daughter Rose Audrey White. As above, the National Archives has a copy of why his MM was awarded, from a action, as a A.A. Gunner in Malta.

    To answer Dorset _Man question , about his parachute accident. What little I know was a letter my father F/O E.J.Willis-622 Squadron, wrote to his mother in 1945.

    My Dear Mother,
    Before I went out to Burnside on Tuesday I went up to see you Aunt Lizzie. She had forgotten me. She is very weak now-a-days. On Wednesday evening I went to a variety show in Hamilton with Jim and his wife. It was a very good show.
    On Thursday evening we went to the pictures in Bells hill and saw ‘Each Dawn I Die.’ It was a gangster picture but was rather good. On our way back we dropped in on Dick McFarlane and had supper with them.
    On Friday morning I went down and saw Harry White, one of his sons won the Military Medal in Malta and then got killed in a training accident during a parachute jump. His only child, [a girl] lives with the old fellow. Her mother was separated from her father, and is in the W.A.A.F’s. so old Mr White looks after her.
    After dinner Jim and I went up to the Gate to see his mother again.
    Well mother this is all now, so all the best to you and Dad. Love Eric.

    Years later, when I was researching my father's R.A.A.F. career, my father, Eric remembers them telling him about ‘Uncle Harry White’s’ son, who had recently been killed. He’d joined the British Army, had transferred to the S.A.S.,where he died on a jump. They’d misjudged the windspeed and the last ones out the aircraft had missed the targeted landing area and hit the trees beyond. Harry’s son being one of the casualties. Leastwise, that is how Dad remembers it.

    Hope that helps you regards James Willis, Queensland, Australia
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    Hi, Roger was my Grandma's brother. She grew up being very close to his daughter Audrey in Holytown, until Roger's widow Sylvia remarried and they moved away. My grandma and her parents were devasted to lose them both, according to my mum.

    I don't have much more information, other than he is buried in the Bone Cemetery in Algeria.

    Hope this helps a bit and thank you to James for sharing,
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    Oh wow that’s superb thanks.
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