76537 Captain Mark Leslie PILKINGTON, MC, Life Guards & LRDG: 18/11/1942

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    I'm particularly interested to know if any of Mark Pilkington's letters describe events on Nov. 27, 1941. That was the day that Gondar was liberated and he and the group of Ethiopian Patriot fighter's he was commanding, the Wollo Banda, played a pivotal role. They were the first into the city and captured the Italian commander Gen. Nasi although they didn't get credit for his surrender. I'm also interested in the photos he took during the Gondar Campaign.
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    The book you seek is in The British Library, London and another in Heidelberg, Germany. Worth checking worldcat.org it includes public and private libraries.

    If you can get to London this may help.
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    Hello all, Thanks for the messages. I do have a copy of Mark's book, but i am not sure of any others in circulation outside of the family.
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    I'm in my cups. Head full of thoughts for a close colleague who has recently departed which has added to the melancholy funk I have found myself in since his passing. Knew I had to dig this out, and have done so for 54Nyasaland and all who have contributed here, with paramount deference to family members.

    If it's a bit of a mess profuse apologies, but I have to admit that I'm a bit of a mess at present too, and reviewing the content here after so many years has not helped. There's only so much cafard that a chap in his dotage can allow his brain to wallow in, so here goes.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but the words help too.

    Mark Pilkington; A gentleman who's name I knew from The SAS and Long Range Desert Group Roll of Honour.

    Always remember, never forget,


    The books IMG_20230602_153925_918.jpg

    Portrait page from book IMG_20230602_151408_544.jpg

    Book frontispiece photo and facing page 002.jpg

    Book next pages after frontispiece photo 003.jpg

    Book family members thanks 004.jpg

    Book prelude to the final battles 005.jpg

    Book prelude to the final battles 006.jpg

    Book the final battle for Gondar 007.jpg

    Book the final battle for Gondar 007 PHOTOS.jpg

    Book Peter Molloy letter - report 010.jpg

    Book Peter Molloy letter - report 011.jpg

    Book Peter Molloy letter - report 012.jpg

    Book Peter Molloy letter - report 013.jpg

    Tony Browne LRDG Letter IMG_20230602_151240_632.jpg

    Letter from Ronnie Pilkington to his and Mark's mother IMG_20230602_153241_412~2.jpg
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    Apologies, my faux pas.

    Mark Pilkington's account of the taking of Gondar; a letter to his mother.

    Kind regards, always,


    P.S. Please note colour variance twixt scanned pages and photographed pages (in post above) due to my eyesight. It, unfortunately, is on the downward slope to the knackers' yard along with the rest of me!

    Book the final battle for Gondar 008.jpg

    Book the final battle for Gondar 009.jpg
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    Not from book above, but hopefully helps.

    Kind regards, always,


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    Eton Chronicle extract 1.jpg

    Eton Chronicle extract 2.jpg
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    Incredible posts and thank you.
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    From an observer:
    O'Malley is unknown on this forum and his grave @ Tripoli, Libya was photographed last month: N. O'Malley (Grave)

    Born at Havelock, Marlborough, NZ. B. 9/10/1910 and a shepherd by profession. Fourteen Italian fighters were involved in "swarming" the patrol.
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    Thank You so much for posting this. Things have changed significantly since my original post and much more is available online now. However, information like this still lays hidden away and I, personally, am grateful for the information and images from you and the family members who have posted on this thread. Thank You everyone.

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