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    Thank you very much....Company C and Company D of the 716 tank battalion was sent to Bacolod City , Negros Occidental, will search if “coming home” is from Company D, Company C’s logo is the Wolfs head and named “Classy Peg”,hope my reasearch is right also, thanks for the help again,....
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    I think the caption on the first picture is correct...”mud at negros “,those two tsnks are sporting wolf head logo,thanks very much
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    Ooh. Yes ,the 2nd picture is also sporting a wolfs head logo ,i think the captions are correct...
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    Greetings All. I am fresh off the google search and this is my first post. I am having trouble finding any info on my Grandpa's activity in the Pacific. His discharge papers say he was in 716th tank battalion HQ & HQ company as a recon car commander Luzon, New Guinea, Southern Philippines. I was never in the service and looking at his discharge papers, I unfortunately have no idea what all the abbreviations mean... His name was Melvin Czapanskiy discharged as a Sgt. Any info on Recon cars, or HQ&HQ's role in any of these battles would be amazing.
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    I just wanted to post a brief general note here.

    Whether we refer to it as Armistice Day or Veteran's Day, today reminds us that we should never forget the debt of gratitude we owe to past and present veterans. Thanks.
    Hello Mike, welcome aboard.
    I would suggest three steps as a start. First, begin with this entire forum thread, starting with page one. There is a wealth of information provided by the members of this forum, including photos, which will furnish you with many leads.
    The second step is to read the unit history by utilizing the links the post above. This will also point you at other potential leads to follow up. In my case, it resulted in a search for my uncle's "official existence", i.e., his service record, which is the third step.
    The third step, as mentioned above, is to initiate a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to obtain copies of your relative's full service record. Go the National Archives and Records (NARA) website for information about how to obtain that and other documents. Note that a disastrous fire in the early seventies at the St. Louis facility unfortunately destroyed a great many records. However you may be in luck, as I believe (if I recall correctly) that due to the system of alphabetized organization, the fire affected mostly records of personnel whose last names began later in the alphabet. (But please verify this!). Even if his records were affected, get what you can; other private researchers can be contracted to help fill in the gaps. I haven't resorted to this latter option as yet (I'm not convinced that I've exhausted all other options), but it is a possibility for you.
    You will probably also end up doing more general historical research to layer some context onto the more specific personal details, which is a good thing, as more ideas will undoubtedly emerge for you to pursue. At any rate, good luck in your research.
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    Thank You! I did the first part and I found him listed on the roster for the Bronze Arrowhead awards, on like page 8 of this thread..the main issue I have is, with the exception of the page that I found here last night with his name on it, there doesn't seem to be any info on HQ&HQ company anywhere...I was so excited to actually see his name on a page I called and woke my Mom up to tell her. I will start the process for the other ideas ASAP.

    Again Thank you, and I have enjoyed reading this thread very much. Seeing that there are other people trying to piece together their families involvement in WWII. My G-Pa came back with zero pictures, and only received christmas cards from a few guys he was with over the years, My mom was able to recognize some of the names on the roster, but they never talked, or talked about his time in the war. I have come to realize that there were three types of returning soldiers, ones that could talk about it, ones that couldn't talk about it and ones that had a bottle for a crutch and wouldn't talk about it. Grandpa was in category 3...we have very little to go on, besides the two stories he did tell, with were short on details...his platoon was cut to ribbons in a battle and he a 3-4 others made it out, and that he would never play cribbage again...He was a farmer that was tougher than cast iron and could hit a coyote on a dead run at 400 yrd with his Garand, and open sights.
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    Thank you for the share. My wife's Grandfather Leo E. Smith also was in Company B. and also died Jan 22, 1945

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    A brief history: My father, Alonzoe Fuller, WOJG, was activated from the AL National Guard, trained with the 31st (Dixie Divison) at Camp Blanding, FL.Then trained at Camp Shelby, MS, then Camp Chaffee, AR. The Army did a reorganization and he was assigned to Tanks and was trained at Camp Howie, TX. From there to San Francisco then New Guinea then the Philippine re invasion to Manila. He was assigned to the Services Company of the 716th as seen in Maj. Hunt's report.

    If I posted this correctly, I will be uploading some in country photos. I could not find where to start a new post, only reply.
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    WOJG with the triangle 716th patch 716th.jpg

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