5438059 Reginald James AKA Jim LILLY

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    Hello everyone.

    I am working on our family tree and have recently discovered that my Great Uncle was a POW. I have been provided with some photos of his service handbook, diary, and medals during his time as a POW.

    The diary has several names and addresses on and I would love to get in touch with any of their relatives.

    Also if anyone can help with any further information I would be extremely grateful.

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  2. Owen

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    It will be best to transcribe all the entries so they can be picked up by search engines.
    Maybe have a photo of each page and then add the transcription underneath.
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    The casualty lists have him as follows:
    5438059 Pte R J LILLY - 1st Bn Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
    Expeditionary Forces / Middle East / Western Dessert
    Reported missing 29.6.42, subsequently reported POW.
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