4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA War Diary?

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    I'm looking into Gunner Marvin Joseph Connaghan, who served with the 4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA from 30 June to 8 February 1945 and having a tough time finding anything on the unit. Even Project 44 doesn't seem to have any record of the 4th LAA's existence, so I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

    If anyone has the 4th LAA war diaries from June through February 1945, I would very much appreciate being sent them. Beyond that, any guidance on why I'm having such a difficult time finding anything on the regiment would also be really helpful.

    Thanks all!
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    The complete war diaries can be found here:

    War diaries - Héritage

    Here are the reels and page numbers you will need.

    4th Light AA Regiment RCA
    T-16741 - pp. 1062-1633 (18_Mar_41-31_Aug_41)
    T-16742 - pp. 9-207 (1_Aug_41-30_Sep_41)
    T-16742 - pp. 208-1609 (1_Oct_41-31_Oct_42)
    T-16743 - pp. 10-1556 (1_Oct_42-31_Jul_44)
    T-16744 - pp. 10-1645 (1_Jul_44-31_Mar_45)
    T-16745 - pp. 10-1329(1_Mar_45-13_Nov_45)

    You might find my posted resource located here handy:

    New Resource - Royal Canadian Artillery War Diary Index - Heritage Canadiana
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    Fantastic, thanks Dryan!
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    Hi, I just came across your post above and wondered if you ever found the information you were looking for?

    I see his number was G9855 and he enlisted in Kingston and he passed away the 8th of Feb 1945.

    I have a Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1529580757293957/, called Royal Canadian Artillery, 4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regt, 14 Field Regt. if you would like to have a look. You should be able to find a picture of him.

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