New Resource Royal Canadian Artillery War Diary Index - Heritage Canadiana 2020-01-03

This spreadsheet provides a reel-page number index for all RCA War Diaries

  1. dryan67
    This spreadsheet that contains a complete index for Royal Canadian Artillery War Diaries located at Heritage Canadiana. Each unit is shown with the equivalent reel numbers and page numbers with the reel as well as the date range for each reel. In the spreadsheet, any units shown in red started the war in Canada or served only in Canada. The reels in red indicate the time spent in Canada.

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  1. Chris C
    Chris C
    Version: 2020-01-03
    This is pretty great! I feel sure that there are documents here I didn't know existed and can now easily dig into to help my research.
    1. dryan67
      Author's Response
      I hope that it helps.