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    Hello all. I have a few pictures for the 46th rtr in Italy 1943. The names I have on there are J Greenberg, Bill Jack, Frank Wright, J Hilton, E Dunne, R Greene, Ron Dugnall, Ernest Pantony, Albert Winkle, Sgt Cena, Bendall, A Banks, Arthur Johnstone, Sgy McCabe, B Metcalfe, Sgt Halford.
    Also some survivors of the Nino Bixio. John Lavender, Albert Metcalfe, Albert Winkle, jim Thursfield, George Turnbull and some others I can't read.

    My Grandad was Ernest Pantony (Sykes) who was a sapper. He also was a survivor on the Nino Bixio. If anyone would like to see the picture or has any info on any of the people, especially my Grandad I would love to hear from them.
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    This is the other picture I have of 46th RTR in Monturano Italy. June 1943.
    Front row L to R Arthur Johnstone, R Greene, J Greenberg, Sgt McCabe, Bill Jack, A Banks
    Back Row L to R F Wright, B Metcalfe, Sgt Halford, G Dunne, J Hilton, Sgt Cena

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    Picture 46th RTR in Monturano in June 1943
    Front row L to R J Greenberg, Bill Jack, Frank Wright, J Hilton, G Dunne, R Greene
    Back row L to R Ron Dagnall, Ernest Pantony (Sykes), Albert Winkle, Sgt Cena, Bendall, A Banks
    My Grandad was Ernest Pantony. How can I find out where they went after here? He was POW twice. I hope someone can help and if not at least you can see the pictures of some of them. Enjoy.

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    Both photos in Jun 43 in Italy would make him a Prisoner of War.

    Is that correct?


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    Yes I assume so. I know he was a POW for a while in the war. He was on Nino Bixio and lived. I will ask my uncle for more info. x
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    First name(s) E.
    Last name Pantony
    Service number 7916695
    Rank Trooper
    Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
    Year -
    Prison camp or ship Hartmansdorf Chemnitz
    Camp type STALAG
    Camp number 4F
    Camp location Hartmansdorf Chemnitz

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    Thank you. I have got his POW card for this place. I hadn't yet done any research on it. I also have the red cross 'welcome home' card. He was missing presumed dead at one point.
    I love seeing all this info on him. I wanted to try and get as much for my uncle to see. x
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    if you go here:

    Prisoner of War

    then click on 'Camps' then 'Stalag' then 'Stalag IVF' you may find some interesting stuff on there. Good luck!
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    Thank you. That was a real eye opener as to what they had to live like.

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