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    The company indeed worked on grading the road. This is a rather nice PDF of the Commemorative brochure issued in 2016.

    The new memorial is really nice and situated at the point the 28th (Maori) Battalion launched their bayonet charge from. The older bronze memorial it replaced is on display at the splendid Chania Maritime Museum.




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    Trying to find out what happened to Frederick Rainsford Wilson who was killed on 20 July 1944 and is buried in Italy. Has anyone got details of what they were doing when he was killed
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    Lt FR Wilson would have been killed sometime between the capture of Arezzo and Florence.

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    Lieutenant Wilson was killed in the same incident as Serjeant Mason as in my post #18 in this thread. The location mentioned is the road from Gaiole to Radda (in Chianti).

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    Well spotted.



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