312996 (2701870) Lieutenant Jonathan Francis CORY-WRIGHT, Scots Guards: 09/04/1945

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    Service Number 312996
    Died 09/04/1945
    Aged 20
    Scots Guards
    Son of Geoffrey and Felicity Cory-Wright, of Brancaster, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
    His brother Anthony John Julian Cory-Wright also died on service.
    Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    Number of casualties: 3183
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 12. J. 9.
    See cemetery plan
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    J.F.Cory-Wright Eton.png
    J.F. Cory-Wright Eton College Cricket XI (top row 3rd from right)

    The Tatler & Bystander 24th June 1942
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    • Cory-Wright baronets - Wikipedia
    • The present Baronet is the son of Captain Anthony John Julian Cory-Wright (1916–1944) and Susan Esterel Elwes. Captain Cory-Wright was the eldest son of Sir Geoffrey Cory-Wright, the 3rd Baronet Cory-Wright.[2] Captain Cory-Wright was killed in action on 26 June 1944, aged 27, at Saint-Manvieu, Normandy in France, when the present Baronet was only six months old.[3] His mother remarried, in 1949, to Lt.-Col. Jocelyn Eustace Gurney.[2]
    • 50088 Jocelyn Eustace GURNEY, DSO, MC & Bar, Welsh Guards
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