2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Hi Richard. Brilliant!!! Tank Delivery Unit - that makes sense and the dates match too. Also thanks to Phaedra, but the Tank Delivery Unit must be what I was after.

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    Apologies for the delay in responding to you. I’ve actually met a gentleman who was with my Grandfather in the early days of Normandy. Incredible meeting such a brave warrior. Thanks for the note

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    A sparkling presentation by Peter Hart:

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    Geoff is a real gentleman and at 100 years old is one of only two survivors of the 2FFY that I know about.
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    Yes we had the pleasure of chatting to him at his home for 2 hours. His memory and recollection is astonishing. It seems incomprehensible that I was able to speak to someone who served with my Grandfather in the first 6 weeks of the Normandy Campaign. Geoff was a mechanic shoehorned into a role as a Co-driver. His Tp OC, Lt J Darke assigned him to Recce Troop, HQ Coy when he realised he couldn’t drive. Here’s a picture of Geoffrey and my Grandfather, Alex Penman. I’m also trying to locate the unit of Sgt Earnest Duffield. His daughter, now late 70s was told he was FFY, but I cannot see his name in any list of A, B or C Sqn. Are their Order of Battle lists for 1FFY and or 2FFY? Grateful for any help

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