2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    The one with five of them on the photo is presumably the entire crew of that particular Comet. Do you have any way of confirming that? The chap in the centre with the binoculars appears to be the Commander so, if there is any way of confirming his name you could be close to identifying which Troop and therefore which Squadron. Real "cream on the cake" stuff

    Excellent photos albeit with the obligatory 'let's all stand in front of the tank so that future generations won't be able to see any of the markings or tank name' pose. Seriously, those are great photos to us Cometoholics. Have you thought of joining the Facebook 'A34 Comet Appreciation Society' group. Yes, there is such a thing!.......
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    Hi WW2LOZ,

    Any chance you can make out the name on the individual photo of the Comet and crews. It looks like D??TE. Could be ODETTE or DANTE.
    Anyone any thoughts?

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    Thanks for the info, that's great
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    I'm afraid I don't...good spot though, i hadn't even spotted that until you mentioned it!
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    Good to see Kevin involved! Kevin: quick question. I'm no expert but is it correct that all FFY tanks were named with a Scottish connection?....place names and all that. Must admit I've been trying to think of a place in Scotland with that letters combination!
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    Thanks for this I don't think I have any of their names but i'm going to see what i can dig up...glad you like the photos...and no i didn't know about that Society...i'm going to look it up now
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    Hi Steve,
    I just ran the 2F&F listing and couldn't find anything that matched.
    There are lots of Scottish names used but there seems to be no general rule.
    The early Lights used bird names such as Gannet, Golden Eye, Merlin and Pintail. The Valentines and Crusaders used Scottish names Deere as the Comets used star cluster names Cepheus, Cetus, Cygnus, Leo, Libra, Lupus, Pleides then they had the St's Andrew, David, George, Patrick. Perhaps the names were chosen by the CO at the time.


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    If it was a CO 'thing' then there should be a good chance of there being something in the War Diary? Just thinking out loud.
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    2FF casualty list, taken from Taurus Pursuant.

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    The D word you're all looking at, is it the snow picture? The word looks like Dinant to me (city in Belgium). I'm probably on the wrong photo though.
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    Post #39. Photo with the chaps stood in front of the Comet.
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    Hi All,
    Fascinating thread on 2F&F. I have just been retracing their steps in Normandy. If you want specialist knowledge log onto the IWM website and there are about 5 accounts by soldiers of that regiment on Normandy/WW2. Steel Browlee also privately published his account - which the IWM has. Sadly my Grandfather died a few years ago but he was one that chaired the 2F&F committee for many years and knew them all by name. Not that many survived from start to finish of WW2 with the regiment. Let me know how else I can help. JF
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    Has anyone info on the involvement of the 2nd Fife and Forfar in the fighting for Emmerich at the end of March 1945.
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    .. for example a copy of the War Diary of the 2nd Fife and Forfar for March 1945?

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