2763117 Alexander Wood, 8 Royal Fusiliers

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    My Cousin Alexander Wood 1913-1943 died of his wounds in the battle of Salerno 30th October 1943. He is buried in Minturno War Cemetery in Italy. He joined the Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment 1940 and was also in 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers London Regiment.
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    Fusilier WOOD, ALEXANDER, Service Number 2763117, Died 30/10/1943, Aged 30
    8th Bn. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

    Son of Alexander and Elizebeth Wood, of Aberdeen; husband of Williamina Wood, of Aberdeen.


    Welcome Norman, if you are interested in learning more about your cousin's service then you should get hold of his official records - only available from the MOD.
    Get a copy of military service records

    He is recorded in Casualty list No. 1318 dated 18 December 1943 as wounded 30.10.43, followed in Casualty list No. 1322 dated 21 December 1943, as died of wounds.
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    Hi Tony, thanks for the information. I have Alexander's war records. I knew about him being in the Fusiliers before I obtained his records. I wasn't aware that he was in the Black Watch until I received the records. There was a fire in the records department so I didn't get all of Alexander's war service. This is a great site, I'm glad I signed up.
    Alexander's uncle my great uncle was Thomas Bett Wood 1893-1941 killed on minesweeper duties off the Faroe Isles on the Kinclaven A17 Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Division.
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    Don't need his records to work out he enlisted in The Black Watch.
    His number 2763117 tells us that.
    Army Number Block Allocations
    Black Watch (The Royal Highland Regiment) 2744001 - 2809000
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    Hi Owen,
    Thanks for the information. I've doing a family history research project and have started researching any relative that might have served in WW1 & WW2 in the British Army or Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Division. The above information will be a great help.
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    Your cousin was wounded way beyond the Battle of Salerno where 8 R FUSILIERS landed on 9 Sep 43. Until you see his Service Record, you will not know whether he joined the battalion as a reinforcement after their losses at Salerno or whether he was actually with them for those landings.

    On 30 Oct 43, the battalion was passed Naples - fell on 1 Oct 43, over the River Volturno - crossed on 15-16 Oct 43, and would therefore have been somewhere short of Cassino. The WD will be able to tell you exactly where.

    If you would like a photo of his headstone, just say, and I will get you one the next time that I am in Minturno CWGC Cemetery.


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    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for replying.
    That's information I didn't know, so Alexander would probably have been wounded and died of his wounds near Cassino? I have some of Alexander's war records and movements, also his death entry by the Army.
    I've tried to upload them to you but the photos are bigger than 2MB.
    Thank you for the offer of Headstone photographs, I already have some I received from Alexander's daughter in law which I can't upload. Sadly Margaret never met her husband (John Wood 1941-2012 ) father.
    I'm glad I found and signed up to this great site. I can send you paperwork by email for you to confirm where Alexander was hopefully, it only has dates and numbers which I don't understand.
    My email address is woodng51@yahoo.com
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    Hi Norman,

    Attached are 8 RF WD entries for 30th October.


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    IMG_1735.jpg Pugliano mentioned in the diaries is in the middle of this Google Map: Google Maps. It also known as Borgo Pugliano on today's map (the 8 RF references Borgi).

    Attached is a copy of a a contemporary map - you can see Borgo and Pugliano were separate back in 1943. You can also use the map to cross reference the grid references in the WD.

  10. Norman Wood

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    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for information you supplied.

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