2734821 E PRITCHARD, 2 Welsh Guards

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    Cheers Kyle
    Thanks for adding those.
    Much appreciated. Names transcribed below.

    Corporal E. WILLIAMS Squad, WELSH GUARDS, September 1930:

    Back Row: 2734821 E PRITCHARD, 2 Welsh Guards, Guardsman J. KENNEDY, Guardsman C. MORRIS, Trained Soldier T. MOSS, Guardsman A. DUMMETT, Guardsman R. WINTER, Guardsman F. JACKSON

    Middle Row: 2734812 Frederick John BUSBY, 3 Welsh Guards, Guardsman R. SLATER, Guardsman R. COMMANDER, Guardsman F. BROMHALL, Guardsman J. BRYANT, 2734818 Leslie Arthur HODGSON, DCM, 3 Welsh Guards, Guardsman L. ALEXANDER, Guardsman G. NICHOLSON, Guardsman A. GOULDER, Guardsman J. MITCHELL

    Front Row: 2734822 R WILLIAMS, 2 Welsh Guards, Guardsman T. PENN, Guardsman F. DEAR, Corporal E. WILLIAMS (Squad Instructor), Guardsman J. HURST, 2734819 William FINLAY, 3 Welsh Guards, 2734811 Emrys WILLIAMS, MM, MiD, 2 Welsh Guards
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