2734819 William FINLAY, 3 Welsh Guards

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    1939 wg squad.jpg
    From Ryton War Memorials ,,,,,,,,,,
    2734819 Gdsmn William Finlay 3rd Bn Welsh Guards was educated at Ryton school where he had an excellent record. He took a keen interest in sports. He played football for Crawcrook Albion FC and represented the Guards Depot at cricket, winning the Depot Company Cup in 1939. Up until the time of his death he had completed five years service with the Guards. He had enlisted in the Guards with his pal Jack Hurst, who also came from Ryton. He had only been married six months before his death, his wife residing in London.Son of Mr and Mrs R Finlay, of 5 Whitewell Terrace, Ryton on Tyne, Co. Durham. Husband of Mrs Finlay, of London. Brothers: Jack, Jim, and Robert. Sisters: Lizzie, Catherine, and Eva. KiA Italy Saturday 12th February 1944.

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    Cheers Kyle
    Thanks for adding those.
    Much appreciated. Names transcribed below.

    Corporal E. WILLIAMS Squad, WELSH GUARDS, September 1930:

    Back Row: 2734821 E PRITCHARD, 2 Welsh Guards, Guardsman J. KENNEDY, Guardsman C. MORRIS, Trained Soldier T. MOSS, Guardsman A. DUMMETT, Guardsman R. WINTER, Guardsman F. JACKSON

    Middle Row: 2734812 Frederick John BUSBY, 3 Welsh Guards, Guardsman R. SLATER, Guardsman R. COMMANDER, Guardsman F. BROMHALL, Guardsman J. BRYANT, 2734818 Leslie Arthur HODGSON, DCM, 3 Welsh Guards, Guardsman L. ALEXANDER, Guardsman G. NICHOLSON, Guardsman A. GOULDER, Guardsman J. MITCHELL

    Front Row: 2734822 R WILLIAMS, 2 Welsh Guards, Guardsman T. PENN, Guardsman F. DEAR, Corporal E. WILLIAMS (Squad Instructor), Guardsman J. HURST, 2734819 William FINLAY, 3 Welsh Guards, 2734811 Emrys WILLIAMS, MM, MiD, 2 Welsh Guards
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    Lance Serjeant FINLAY, WILLIAM
    Service Number 2734819
    Died 12/02/1944
    Aged 22
    3rd Bn. Welsh Guards
    Location: Italy
    Number of casualties: 3991
    Cemetery/memorial reference: XIX. K. 6.
    See cemetery plan
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