1st Bn, Royal Fusiliers, 17th Indian Infantry Brigade

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    Hello guys,

    I recently discovered that my Great-Uncle served in the Second World War. His unit was 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers, 17th Infantry Brigade, 8th Indian Infantry Division.

    Unfortunately he was killed in action on 28th November, 1943. I believe he was killed during the attack on Mozzogrogna, North of the Sangro river.

    I really would like to bring my Great-Uncle back into the family by sharing information about his unit, with the family, so he is not forgotten.

    Could anyone share some information about the attack on Mozzogrogna by the Royal Fusiliers and maybe when they crossed the river Sangro.

    Any information will be really appreciated, and I will be very thankful.

    Ben McGregor
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    Hi Ben,

    Perhaps not exactly what you were looking for, but by using one of our other members (geoff501) brilliant search engine, here are the other Fusiliers that died that day.

    Best wishes


    RFCOLR1.jpg RFCOLR2.jpg
  4. sliben

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    Hi Bamboo,

    My Great-Uncle is on that list. 014. Jellyman RH. Robert Henry Jellyman.

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    If the family have not seen a photograph of Robert's grave at Sangor River War Cemetery, there is one available online here:


    TWGPP have done a wonderful job in photographing many casualty memorials from all over the world.
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    Ben, have just seen this post. My Grandfather was in the 1st Royal Fusiliers and killed the night of the 28th in Mozzagrogna. His name is Cpl Joseph Sears. I have a lot of detail about the battle and some audio tape from a veteran about the night of the 28th and the battle.
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  7. Drew5233

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    The battalions war diary on the day of his death-Possibly friendly fire.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    I was in Mozzogrogna earlier this year as the historian and guide with 103 (V) Regiment who were revisiting the actions in which their predecessors 52 (Manchester) Field Regiment and 53 (Bolton) Field Regiments that supported this attack.

    There are two attachments. One is a map of the German defences and artillery positions. The second is the barrage trace of the fire-plan trace that supported the attack. Each pair of letters was a line in a creeping barrage. The detail of the map squares are hand drawn. There seems to have been a shortage of detailed maps.

    The fire plan didn't work very well. This was the division's first battle and there was an assumption that the artillery was falling short. It may have been. But it may not; as the German artillery opened up at the same time.

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  10. lambretta

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    I actually managed to find out how he was killed that night. We know he was ordered back to the lines after being shot in both hands. He was fighting house to house with Captain Roy Paddy Bates
    He was killed by an S mine on his way back. Glad we now know. It came from the recollections of a comrade from the battle. The book was only printed in Italian.

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  11. Sandra Doran

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    Any chance you still have this memorabilia?
  12. lambretta

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    Hi Sandra, yes I do. I burnt it onto CD. It was originally on audio tape.
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    Hello Ben,
    Any chance you could send me a copy? I'll pay the costs.

  14. lambretta

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    Hi Sandra, of course. Do you have an interest in the battle of the Royal Fusiliers?
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  15. lambretta

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    That was meant to say or the Royal Fusiliers. :)
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    I am interested in any history of the Italian Campaign. I am also researching Dieppe Raid August 1942.
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    Can you private message me and I'll send you my address. Let me know postage costs.
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    he was a Warrant Officer second class, Company Serjeant Major.

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