17-pounder towed gun questions

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  1. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    First question - does anyone know whether the towed gun from a certain date was equipped with a dial sight etc for indirect fire?

    Second - did it have an operational manual and does anyone have a copy? (What I'm actually wondering is what was the maximum rate of traverse of the gun.)
  2. Sheldrake

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    I can't find evidence that a dial sight fitted to a 17 pounder anti tank gun in WW2. Theyn were used imncreasignly as field artillery, but usually in the direct role to take on bunkers. Because of their use in pepperpot barrages there was a need to use indirect fire and sight clinometers (not dial sights) were issued to 17 pounder guns (RA Training memorandum no 13 of Dec 1944 quoted in Pemberton "The Development of Artillery Tactics and Equipment" War Office 1950)

    Re maximum rate of traverse. I don't think there is a set time.

    1. Small corrections using the traverse wheel - depends how fast you can wind the handle
    2./ Big corrections the gunners use the hand spike to pick up the trail and walk left or right
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  3. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Thanks for the indirect fire instrument information!

    As far as the traverse wheel is concerned, there must still have been some sort of maximum (practical) speed at which the handle could be wound. Values were obtained for the M10 (completely manual, 4.5 degrees/s) and the Archer (power assisted, up to 2.25 degrees/s).

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