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    Dear Sirs,

    I am looking information if Lieutnant Frank Edward Augustus Trislbach, service number 264086, born 28/12/1911, KIA 29/04/1945, was with 106 Bridge Coy on D-Day.

    Thank you for your help.


    Paulo Pinotti
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    Father: Frank William Augustus Trilsbach
    Mother: Sarah Fisher Howard
    Birth: 1912 Argentina
    Death: 29/04/1945 Germany
    Residence: 1941 London London England

    Frank Edward Augustus Trilsbach
    BIRTH 1912 • Argentine
    DEATH 29 APRIL 1945 • Germany

    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1995
    Name: Frank Edward Augustus Trilsbach
    Death Date: 29 Apr 1945
    Death Place: Brazil
    Probate Date: 30 Apr 1946
    Probate Registry: London, England

    Interesting how the family tree shows born in Argentina yet the probate syas he is 'of Brazil'

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    Dear Friends,

    Thank you for this information, but is possible to determine if he was on D-Day with 106 Bridge Coy

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    His service record would tell you but that involves cost if you are that interested, the other option may be to check out the war diaries

    BBC - WW2 People's War - D-Day: Father and Son Reunited

    Have you searched anywhere ?? - if so where


    I was about to paste the WW2talk link when I saw you already had
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